Senior Rabbi Fred Guttman, of Greensboro’s LGBT-incusive Temple Emanuel writes a guest blog on Jewish Journal:

We will reject what we consider to be selective reading of biblical texts, which in our opinion often comes from a homophobic perspective.

We condemn the reading of the Hebrew bible to support homophobic positions which would isolate homosexuals for special admonition.

Like heterosexual men and women, LGBT’s are God’s children, capable of bringing light and love to a planet whose darkness is caused not only by sin, but also misguided judgmentally.

Finally as Jews, we remember that some sixty years ago, the Nazi war machine killed 6,000,000 Jews and three hundred thousand Roma or gypsies.  Let us not forget however that eight years prior to the mass murder of Jews, homosexuals and people of special needs were gassed in an effort to “purify” the Aryan race.

Our society often says the fashionable slogan of “Never Again,” but do we really mean it?