Leaders of national LGBT and progressive organizations are reacting victoriously to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on two landmark cases — U.S. v. Windsor, a case contesting the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and Hollingsworth v. Perry, contesting California’s Proposition 8.

The Supreme Court ruled that DOMA is unconstitutional “as a matter of equal protection.”

California’s Proposition 8 was effectively overturned on a technicality; the Court ruled that proponents of the anti-gay measure had no standing to appeal. Same-sex marriages are expected to resume in California.

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Jared Polis, openly gay U.S. Congressman from Colorado: “Today’s Supreme Court ruling should reinvigorate and reinforce our resolve to fight for justice. We cannot stand down until the country we love and honor respects and honors all of us.”

Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund: “Most importantly, we owe much gratitude to Edie Windsor herself, who refused to give up when her government told her she was a second-class citizen. Because of her bravery, we’re a step closer to erasing discrimination against same-sex couples.”

GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz: “Today is a cornerstone for justice and equality—when our nation once again moved closer to recognizing and celebrating all LGBT Americans for their contributions to our great country.”

Army veteran and OutServe­SLDN Executive Director Allyson Robinson: “This victory is especially sweet for our nation’s lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members, who can now not only serve openly, but can serve knowing that their loving, committed, and legal marriages will be recognized by the military they serve and the nation they protect.”

GetEQUAL: “We know that partial freedom is not freedom — we must not leave behind our sisters and brothers who are not fully equal at marriage counters across the country. Our work is far from over — not simply in our struggle for marriage equality in all 50 states, but also in employment, immigration, housing, credit, public accommodations, and so many other ways. Today we celebrate, but we are getting right back to work.”

Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry: “[T]he justices have affirmed that all married couples are equal, ending the ‘gay exception’ that relegated same-sex couples to second-class status for too long. Married couples – gay or non-gay – should be treated as what they are: married. And the ruling on Prop 8 ends marriage discrimination in California, meaning that nearly a third of Americans now live in a state with the freedom to marry.”

Brian Silva, Marriage Equality USA’s Executive Director:”It’s hard to overstate the importance of today’s Supreme Court decision on the day to day lives of married same-sex couples.  These couples will no longer be denied extremely important protections, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, that all other married couples have.  Marriage Equality USA will continue to empower same-sex couples and their friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers to share the truth of their lives so that we gain the freedom to marry in every state in the country.”

HRC President Chad Griffin: “Today’s historic decisions put two giant cracks in the dark wall of discrimination that separates committed gay and lesbian couples from full equality…These decisions underscore the emergence of two Americas. In one, LGBT citizens are nearing full equality. In the other, our community lacks even the most basic protections… Everywhere that injustice still prevails, we will fight for justice. And our message to those who cement their feet on the wrong side of history is that we will win.”

Openly gay and married Congressman Mark Pocan: “As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we must continue to move forward and ensure all loving couples are treated as equals. While my husband Phil and I continue to wait to have our marriage recognized by both Wisconsin and Washington, I am now more confident than ever that full marriage equality is a question not of if, but when.”

New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Donna Lieberman: “This is a great day for equality and the beginning of the end of official discrimination against people who are lesbian and gay.”