From N.C. State student newspaper, The Technician:

Tuesday afternoon, sophomore men’s basketball forward C.J. Leslie posted the following anti-gay comments to his Twitter.

“I’m no anti gay But I would rather not have a gay n the locker room.”

“John amaechi is to big to be gay…….#imjusssayin”

“I’m not saying I hate gays but that’s sumthing that I would not wnt n my locker room…..”

Despite Leslie’s initial statement that he is “no anti gay,” his comment is already raising red flags in the N.C. State community.

Annabelle Myers, assistant athletics director for media relations, said Leslie’s statement should not be viewed as a reflection on the University’s relationship with the GLBT community.

“This is someone’s personal opinion, so it doesn’t have anything to do with N.C. State athletics’ or N.C. State’s opinion on the subject,” Myers said.

Although Myers said the University has no legal grounds to control what Leslie—or any other player—posts to any social media site, student-athletes are reminded to be cautious with their comments.

“Someone has a right to say what they want to say, but we also have to remind our student athletes that they are representing more than themselves,” Myers said. “Legally we can’t tell them they can’t tweet, but we ask them to circumspect what they put out there.”

However, while Myers said this is a topic addressed by the coaches, some athletes struggle with being in the public eye.

“There is a social media policy for student-athletes. Players are reminded that they have followers and it is public, and it not only reflects on them, but the program as well,” Myers said. “What they post is not just something they say personally to their friends, and I think they sometimes forget that.”

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