Charismatic, dedicated and passionate are a few appropriate words describing SC Pride’s newly appointed president, Tamera Tedder. qnotes had the chance to chat with Tedder via email about her new role, goals and plans for SC Pride this year.

Like other leaders in the LGBT community, Tedder developed a strong conviction to make a difference.

Tamera Tedder
Tamera Tedder

“I am simply tired of our community being treated as second-rated citizens,” Tedder says.

In the late 1990s, Tedder took her first steps into community activism and advocacy, with a passion for progress and change.

“I got involved for the same reason anyone does,” she recollects. “It is morally our right as citizens…to be treated fairly and equally.”

Over the past 10 years, Tedder has chaired SC Pride’s Entertainment Committee, served on its fundraising committee and its board of directors. She’s also assisted with the success of several LGBT businesses and worked behind the scenes directing weekly drag shows and managing other entertainment events to raise funds for LGBT organizations. Her work ethic has not gone unnoticed.

In recognition for her hard work and dedicated service, she earned SC Pride’s Harriett Hancock Volunteer of the Year Award.

“I have spent my whole life in the Carolinas and have a personal investment in seeing it become a better place for LGBT folks,” she says.

Now, in her role as SC Pride president, Tedder can take her passion and move forward on issues both within and outside of the LGBT community. She says she wants to continue to build on SC Pride’s legacy of educating gay and straight people about domestic violence, aging, environmental issues, homelessness and other issues impacting the LGBT community.

“We are a respected organization and want to continue to be taken seriously on issues by others, such as legislators,”

Tedder says.

She has also set a personal goal to improve outreach projects that affect all parts of the state through both SC Pride and future hopes of more collaboration between her organization and SC Black Pride.

“I am very excited about continuing the collaboration between the two organizations,” she says. “I hope…this relationship…[can] only help both organizations work more closely together.”

Tedder says SC Pride is currently in the planning stages for their 2010 parade and festival.

“The week of the Pride will be filled…with fun,” she exclaims. “There will be numerous exciting events sure to make 2010 Pride memorable and, above all, fun!”

Current Pride week plans include bowling, special events at the Columbia Museum of Art, a Mr. and Mrs. SC Pride Pageant, film festival, parade and much more. Tedder says the Board is “always trying to incorporate different and diverse events” when planning Pride. This year they’re considering a marathon and a rugby tournament during Pride week.

SC Pride’s 2010 festivities are slated for Sept. 5-12 A free festival and parade will be hosted on Saturday, Sept. 11 at Finlay Park in downtown Columbia. : :


Deaidre Newby is a former editorial intern for QNotes.