Even the name Moral Mondays sounds like something uncomfortably close to Moral Majority (a long-defunct right wing activist group), but there’s nothing even remotely similar about the two organizations.

The next Charlotte Moral Monday Rally will take place July 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Government Center, located at 600 East 4th Street.

Sponsored by the Southern Piedmont Circle Poor People’s Campaign, the organization calls everyone who believes in living wages, ending poverty, fully funding public education, universal quality health care, environmental justice, LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, criminal justice reform and gun control to wake up the sleeping giant and be on hand for this very important rally.

Moral Mondays began as protests, right here in North Carolina in 2013. The protests have covered a wide range of issues like unfair treatment of groups of people based on issues such as race and economic status; discrimination against people because of their race, gender or sexual orientation and much more.

Since that time the protests have spread to the neighboring states of Georgia and South Carolina and eventually to other states like Illinois and New Mexico. 

Typically protesters are progressive and support equality for all. Many progressive religious groups are involved, as well.

In short, their ideology is that true morality is making sure that everyone is cared for equally and that discrimination comes to an end across the board.

For more details visit their Facebook page.

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