Roxy C. Moorecox
Roxy C. Moorecox

Clay Smith, better known as Roxy C. Moorecox, is a performer straight out of the Deep South city of Greenville, S.C. Clay has always had a passion for singing, but it wasn’t until later in life that he realized there was another way he wanted to perform; in full drag as one sexy, sassy lady of the night.

Roxy has been seen all over Charlotte, from Petra’s as the hostess of Trivia Tuesday to the emcee of Charlotte Pride. She’s also been recently traveling across the country to perform her show. Just this month, Roxy performed in several stops in California, including stops in Riverside, Santa Ana, Palm Springs and West Hollywood.

Roxy’s latest performance will be a one woman show entitled “BANG!” which will be held at The Actors Theatre of Charlotte Feb 1 and 2.

Jessica Milicevic: It’s obvious you love to perform. What was the first Broadway show you saw?

Clay Smith (“Roxy C. Moorecox”): My first show was “Chicago.” It was amazing; the sexy dancing, the music. I mean, hello, there was even a drag queen in it!

Did it help inspire your drag name?

Yes! That’s where my name comes from, only it’s spelled differently. I thought (the character) Roxie was so fun, dangerous and sexy. It was just perfect.

When did Roxy C. Moorecox become a part of your life?

In February 2001, when I was still in college. Every Sunday my friends and I would go to see the Armorettes perform in Atlanta, which is a group who raises money for people living with HIV/AIDS. For two years, we only missed their show four times. I loved that it was all men; there was no question of gender identity. Doing drag was for simple fun and entertainment. One night they announced they were having amateur drag night, and my friend has his thumb in my back just a pushin’. It’s kind of snowballed ever since.

How did you learn how to do your makeup and what to wear?

Pure observation. I have no drag mother and no children-I had my drag tubes tied at birth. You know, with some drag queens, you can tell who their drag mother is because they are carbon copies of each other. I just created a hodgepodge of makeup and created my own identity.

Where do you do most of your performing in Charlotte?

For the longest time it was through regular weekly events, like Karaoke at Hartigan’s and show director at the Rainbow In at Lake Wylie. Lately though it’s been more traveling than anything, mainly to night clubs and gay bars.

What can you tell us about “BANG!”?

The title comes from “Chicago” from the lyric, “Who in case she doesn’t hang, can say she started with a bang.” It was a tip of the hat to the origin of Roxy. I’ll be performing live, doing a little singing, a little question and answer portion, and a little story telling.

What’s different about this show when compared to the show you usually do?

Well, this isn’t a drag show, simply because it’s not at a gay bar. It’s sort of like when Judy Garland did her one woman show. It will be very minimalist; a night with me.

info: For more on Roxy, visit Tickets to the Feb. 1 and 2, 8 p.m. shows are $20 and can be purchased via the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte at