Demand for the monkeypox vaccine is rising, but there aren’t anymore appointments available to get the shot in Mecklenburg County. On July 7, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced vaccines from the federal government would be available in some county health departments, including Mecklenburg. 

A week later, all of the appointments to get the vaccine in Mecklenburg County were filled, a spokesperson for the health department confirmed in an email to The Charlotte Observer. Only 120 vaccines were available to administer. 

Mecklenburg County confirmed the first case of monkeypox just days after first North Carolina case.

 “We are working with NCDHHS to get additional vaccines and anticipate some within the next week,” the spokesperson said. “We will notify residents of additional appointment availability as soon as more vaccines are available.” 

Due to a limited supply, the vaccine is only being offered to people who have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with monkeypox and people who are considered to be exposed because of frequent sexual activity with multiple anonymous partners in geographical areas where monkeypox is spreading. 

NCDHHS says 13 total cases have been reported in North Carolina as of July 15. According to the CDC here are currently no plans to make the vaccine available to people who are not at the highest risk of contracting monkeypox in Mecklenburg County, a spokesperson said. 

Currently, NPR reports there are just over 200 cases in the United States.

Those who want to make an appointment can sign up on the county’s wait list by visiting to receive priority for the next open slots.

This article appears courtesy of our media partner The Charlotte Observer.