Ever been in a situation when you knew someone wasn’t being exactly honest, but you just couldn’t quite figure out who? When you apply the theory of Occam’s razor it’s usually not that hard to find your answer. Bring up such a theoretical approach and you’ll hear screams of “that’s an oversimplification,” but the idea of the simplest explanation as the most likely answer applies here: all parties involved were stretching the truth to some degree or another. 

He Said/She Said/They Said: Trans Cookiegate 

Take a young cisgender twink and place him in a restaurant that specializes in cookies. Add a flashy young trans woman with a thirst for fame and a desire to get there fast. Both of them are clever with a sharp wit, an even sharper tongue, a hot temper and a decided lack of patience. Underpay them, overwork them and you’ve got a recipe for disaster served up as a blend of harsh words, slapping, striking, punching, kicking, biting and rolling around on the ground, just in time for the police to show up.

Who’s at fault here? One individual says this, another individual says that. But what about witnesses? Some say she started it, while others say he caused the melee. Much grandiosity follows. Zoom meetings, press conferences, GoFundMe accounts, online teleconferences full of outrage, praise for purported bravery and condemnation for a theoretical hate crime. Then the FBI steps in. What do they determine? Not very much. And in the end, at least for now, it all just fades away leaving everyone scratching their head and asking the question, what was that all about anyway?

Embezzle me, baby

Let’s say you have a long standing, highly praised organization that has done much good for the community and an intelligent and capable individual with – one would assume – the best of intentions. Although, that might be a bit questionable when the organization’s said policies reportedly allow intelligent and capable individual, the founder of the organization, the ability to do as they see fit with all donations and finances, etc. Lots of money goes missing. Founder resigns and lives large. Questions remain. Potential case still pending.

Embezzle me, more

Is it possible that the impact of unqualified and mentally unstable government heads, when mixed with a global pandemic, could bring out the worst in people? Is that what happened when a respected director with a long history of involvement in the LGBTQ community might have dipped into the till of a regional community center in a really big way? No one seems to know exactly what happened, or at least they’re remaining very tight-lipped. While details continue to be a blur, reportedly a sum somewhere between five figures but closer to six disappeared and remains unaccounted for. According to a source that prefers to remain anonymous, the director has disappeared and remains unaccounted for, too. So far, apparently, closure and full discovery continue to be unresolved while the community center will only say they are looking forward to the future. 

With such a pricey mistake in their past, how could they not be looking forward to a more positive outcome in the future?