Well dammit, Janet — here I sit, rounding up the tea for yet another Drag Rag. What a time it has been since the last one. And, the pageants are still coming at me. By the time you read this, I will already have been to the Miss Gay Southeast America pageant down at the Hide-A-Way in Rock Thrill. That’s where we’ll pick up the next time. Which reminds me, what a booger mention I made of Miss NC America last time. But, we were going to press and I did at least want the finalists and winner’s court to be mentioned. What I failed to mention was the involvement by all the formers (many of whom were not even in drag) backstage helping the girls. This was one of the best Miss NC pageants in a long time! Other than that, I ask you, how flawless was Jamie Monroe’s “Halo” number? Old school perfection, baby — old school. Made me wish Kelly Raye had won Miss NC America since she was from that same era. Oh, well, one can dream, right?

The awards that I did not mention were Best City Prelim to Bruce Bowyer of Miss Piedmont; Promoter of the Year went to Macy Alexander and partner Jason; Sharde’ Ross and Kerri Nichols were inducted into the Miss NC America Hall of Fame, presented by our first Miss NC, Brandi Alexander (who always comes to show her support); and Kerri presented former Miss NC promoter Marsha McLawhorn the Miss NC America Lifetime Achievement Award for decades of service to Miss NC. Sadly missing again was one of my favorites ever, Melissa Montgomery. Nina Fierra was able to perform her Talent after being named Best Non-Finalist and ole girl cut up on that stage! It was so good seeing many old friends and new ones, but it’s always a delight to see Curt who used to bring the lovely Candace Corday to the stage. She was first runner-up to Miss NC America back when Blair Williams won.

Other impersonators qualifying to compete at Miss America next month in Ohio (when Coti gives it all up) include Miss Arkansas, Zia D’Yor with RU Jazmyn Turrelle; Mid West, Diva Coppafeel and RU Crystal Lace; IL, Erica Leigh Foster; Gulf States, Victoria Dupuis and RU Blair Williams; FL, Zhane’ Kennedy; PA, Domiana Dupree St. James; OH, Deva Station; Tri-States, Tanisha Foxx and RU Sparkle Iman; Heart of America, Sally Sparkles with RU DeMonica Santangilo; Blue Grass, Celebrity Starr and RU Bridget Nickles; Miss Texas, Jenna Skyy and RU Vega Marie St. James; and last, but never least, TN, Pat McCooter and RU Fannie Mae Charles.

What was I thinking the last time not mentioning Miss Pride Charlotte? Hell, I attended the pageant and just didn’t make any notes or anything. Elaine Davis won and her RU was London Dior. And, speaking of Pride, I saw a great show at Scorpio that Friday night with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Jessica Wild, Brooke Divine and our Miss Gay U.S.ofA., Luscious. On a side note, Olive, I’m still sitting in the lobby waiting on you, queen! Bitter, party of one.

I wanted to give a big shout-out to Arianna Evans, the newest Miss U.S.ofA. Newcomer — she’s a Texas queen, honey! Her RUs included Ka’Aliyah McKim Diamond, Aria B. Cassidine, Heidi Iman and Missy Meyakie LePaige.

Finally, I’ll close with the results from Miss Continental. I did not attend this year, the first time in 15 years! I understand it was quite the function (as Amaya would say). The lovely and sweet Mokha Montrese was relinquishing a title so dear to her and for that, I’m truly sorry I missed it. The finalists included Tatiana Braxton, Tiffany T. Hunter, Fontasia L’Amour, Sunny Dee Lite, Justice Devine, Stasha Sanchez, Sassy Devine, Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, Indiana Jones, Queen B. Ho, Naysha Lopez and Jennifer Cartier. The Top 5 included Stasha Sanchez, Jennifer Cartier, 2nd RU Tiffany T. Hunter, 1st RU Fontasia L’Amour and winner, former Miss Gay U.S.ofA., Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, or “Gabby.” My good Chicago sis Tajma Hall told me Gabby was sick-o-ning from beginning to end on final night and was not leaving without that crown. I’m so happy for her, as I judged her at her prelim in Miami! The night before, Phillip Alexander won Mr. Continental, so there you have the king and the queen! : :

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