The Mecklenburg Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) Facebook page has been silent since February 5 of this year, following a 2020 termination letter from the North Carolina State Board of Elections (BOD) and Ethics Enforcement. 

Despite what volunteers and supporters of MeckPAC may believe, the letter did not mean the organization no longer exists. Instead, it was issued in response to the fact that the 2018 fourth quarter report had yet been filed by the organization. This report typically would have been due by Jan. 15, 2019 and would have covered the time from Oct. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018. The letter did not terminate the organization itself, however, it did mean that MeckPAC could not legally receive or spend funds until all their reports had been filed and they had be reinstated with the BOE.

MeckPAC’s original website is no longer active, but, according to the Facebook page, their mission remains: “political advocacy work that promotes LGBT equality in Charlotte, NC.” 

During this time of battle and achievement with an NDO in Charlotte, but lacking in the county itself and surrounding towns in Mecklenburg, MeckPAC’s once powerful voice has been much missed by the community. 

Their social media account came back to life on August 12, with a detailed update on where the organization has been and what its plans are for the future.

“When the Transitional Board of MeckPAC took over last fall, the organization had $2,000 [in] penalties that were assessed as unpaid by the North Carolina Board of Elections (BOE),” William Loftin, Transitional Board Chair, posted on Facebook. Loftin went on to explain that throughout the past year MeckPAC has requested a complete dismissal of the fees, though the efforts had been unsuccessful. 

Now it appears things are looking up for MeckPAC. The organization’s transitional treasurer attended the BOE’s meeting in June, asserting that he believed their requests were being denied because of MeckPAC’s previous refusal to file payments or documents on time. 

The BOE decided that, since $1,000 of MeckPAC’s penalties have expired in accordance with state laws, there was only $1,000 in remaining penalties left to be paid. Of this number, the organization was only required to pay $500 in order to bring MeckPAC back into active status. 

After a quick vote by the transitional board, the organization mailed $500 to the BOE and is currently awaiting confirmation of their reinstation. Once these filing errors are put behind them, Loftin promises future Facebook updates.

“As a past MeckPAC board member, I appreciate the work of the transitional board,” offered Larry Ferri. “Hopefully these steps will put a close to this sad chapter in what otherwise has been a great organization.” 

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