The Rev. Catherine Houchins watches closely as Dennis O’Neal of Twin City Sound adjusts dozens of tiny gray knobs on the sound board at Metropolitan Community Church of Charlotte (MCCC).

Dennis O’Neal, engineering tech for Twin City Sound, briefs the Rev. Catherine Houchins on the Metropolitan Community Church of Charlotte’s sound system.
Dennis O’Neal, engineering tech for Twin City Sound, briefs the Rev. Catherine Houchins on the Metropolitan Community Church of Charlotte’s sound system.

Houchins is learning the ropes of the sound system as the MCCC congregation continues to grow into its new sanctuary at 7121 Orr Rd.

Earlier in the day, she worked with O’Neal on microphone and speaker placement, at times taking the dais to speak while O’Neal adjusted dials in the sound booth.

Houchins wants not only to learn more about the technological side of things as her ministry grows, but also to engage members of MCCC’s Sound Ministry on the best ways to ensure her inspiring words and those of congregation members can be heard throughout the new space.

The Sound Ministry is just one of the many boards, ministries and committees where MCCC members can play a leadership role within the church.

The eight-member board of directors is primarily responsible for finances and the building. Recently, the board approved a new logo for MCCC, which now appears on a flag at the sanctuary.

Anyone who wants to run for a two-year term on the board must have been an MCCC member for at least one year.

Elections are held during the December congregation meeting.

“I expect board members to be in touch spiritually with what’s going on with the church,” Houchins said.

In addition to the following standing bodies, Houchins said, ministries and committees are formed as the need arises and are listed below:

Education Ministry: Members organize Bible studies and seminars, among other activities.

Music Ministry: This ministry includes a choir and is open to anyone who can play an instrument.

Sound Ministry: Members offer technical support and run the sound board.

Video Ministry: This ministry plans to install cameras to stream services live online, an effort that Houchins said will serve anyone who cannot make it to the church.

Food Pantry Ministry: Members collect, stock and distribute food for those in need. The church food pantry remains well-stocked with offerings to those in need, courtesy of the Second Harvest food distribution center and congregation members. The food pantry served more than 2,500 people last year alone. Food pantry volunteers take calls at 9 a.m. every Thursday for same-day service.

Signing Ministry: This ministry reaches out to those who cannot hear or who have trouble hearing.

Social Activities Ministry: Members host a collective birthday celebration for congregants on the first Sunday of each month and organize a potluck the fourth Sunday of each month.

Decorating Committee: Members are particularly active during holidays and special events.

Pride Committee: Helps organize MCCC’s representation at Pride events each year.

Houchins said she welcomes everyone into the congregation who’s in need of MCCC’s special brand of spirituality, whether or not they choose to serve on the board, a ministry or a committee.

“We need to be a church for all people who need God’s inclusive love without being judged,” she said.

MCCC holds worship services at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday and Bible study at 7 p.m. every Wednesday.