LaWana Mayfield

More developing news in the on-going controversy regarding openly lesbian Charlotte City Councilmember LaWana Mayfield, who has dodged repeated questions asking her to condemn anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT hate speech by hate group leader Louis Farrakhan, who spoke at a leadership event Mayfield attended on Oct. 13 at which she tweeted Farrakhan was “doing God’s will.”

The latest news comes after a long evening of various controversies, including accusing this newspaper of misrepresentation. She also accused fellow gay leader Shane Windmeyer of intolerance and, according to Windmeyer, has now allegedly blocked him from access to her official city council Facebook profile.

“Charlotte City Council-member LaWana Mayfield has now blocked me on her constituency Facebook page after calling me ‘intolerant’ for asking her to condemn the known anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic actions of Farrakahn — who is the founder of a documented hate group,” Windmeyer wrote on the Facebook page for the Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee. “This is how an elected leader treats their constituents — one that donated to her campaign and who has supported her for a long while?!”

Windmeyer continued: “I never doubted LaWana was a good person and I thought she would understand that she made a poor leadership choice – now that is even in question for me. Mayor Foxx who is a straight man condemned Farrakahn and any form of hate. I guess asking our first and only out lesbian official to do the same is asking too much? Maybe MeckPAC should add this question on the LGBT-friendly candidate survey: ‘Would you denounce leaders of documented hate groups or any leader who are on record perpetuating violence and hate toward LGBT people?'”

[Ed. Note — This writer was briefly employed by Campus Pride during his hiatus from the newspaper this past spring. He is currently assisting Campus Pride with a web-based project left uncompleted when his tenure with the organization ended. He has no other official ties with the organization.]

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.