Lambert gets his crush on

Will Adam (r) soon be stealing from the chicken coop? (Lambert photo courtesy Starbright31, via Flickr. Licensed under CC.)

“American Idol” pop star Adam Lambert, 28, is setting sail on a cross-Atlantic love boat with openly gay “X Factor” winner Joe McElderry, 19. Celebrity gossip blogs and websites across the globe have picked up on the blossoming love.

“I saw Joe’s video the other day and I thought he was very cute,” Lambert told the Daily Star. “Joe is very attractive. It would be fun to meet up.”

Meet up? Uh, huh. We all know what that means. Lust before love, right? (Can we watch?)

Thanksgiving for hot boys

Media kingpin Barry Diller, former head of the IAC internet media empire (, so on and so forth), is perhaps one of the biggest corporate closet cases in the world (or so we’ve read). Though married, that didn’t stop him from jetsetting out on a twink-filled vacation this Thanksgiving. reports (and has photos!) that Diller set out to Papua New Guinea with a set of über-hot blonde boys. What did they do, you ask? Oh, of course: They lounged around half-naked on Diller’s $200 million 300-foot yacht (which just happens to be the world’s largest sailing vessel). That’s a vacation, boys. Read more and see the pics:

Senator to gay kids: It’s okay to shower with your straight pals

Cue the ambush reporting. Mike Stark, prolific video blogger and reporter, caught up with Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (yup, a Republican) and asked him about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

You see, Sessions, like most Southerners stuck in the 1950s, has a little problem with what might happen if one of those hot and buff marines or sailors happens to drop the soap in the shower. So, Stark met Mr. Senator head on.

What about gay student athletes, Stark asked. Should they be allowed to shower with straight student athletes?

Surprisingly, Sessions said yes, but wouldn’t answer Stark’s follow-up question about gay student wrestlers.

Despite Sessions’ later non-answer, at least we know one thing for sure: Sessions thinks gay+straight teen nakedness is okay. Shame on you, Sessions, letting teenagers get involved in such steamy, adult affairs. See the video: : :