And you think we’re risqué?

We can just hear it now: A chorus of folks emailing or calling about how inappropriate this issue’s cover artwork is. You know, if we’d chosen to picture a half-naked guy more befitting America’s entrenched notions and ideals of beauty, we’d be hearing crickets. But, we’re more than willing to be proven wrong.

Until then, feast your eyes upon the cover for NYC’s Next nightlife mag. More skin than us, for sure. They’re even showing buttocks! And, the guys are covered in honey. Yes. Honey. Don’t ask me why. But it sure is hot.

The guys are actors in “Bear City,” a hit indie film about, what else, bears. It’s funny how the world works. We decide to cover bears and NYC’s Next does too. Is someone copying someone else, or does destiny like coincidence?

See the “Bear City” trailer at

Porn brutality

Via our good friends at and, we learn of one porn star who’s been behaving badly. (On a side note, have you ever wondered why every actor in the porn biz automatically assumes the title of “star”?).

Shane Thompson, performing as Jason Creed Bait Bus, Circle Jerk Boys and others, has been charged with animal cruelty. It’s alleged he strangled a three-legged dog and then told a vet that dog had drunk moonshine and had a seizure. The doc wasn’t buying that story and called the fuzz. Both and have clips from a Creed interview. Visit audiences/ for the links.

Enema of the state

Serbian “doctor” Mirojlub Petrovic says he’s found a new recipe to cure the gay.

Radio Free Europe’s Jamie Kirchick interviewed the good “doc” about his new cure-all regimen. Kirchick writes of Petrovic’s program: “Quite simply: Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, ‘drink a lot of water,’ ‘reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,’ engage in ‘physical activity,’ ‘rest [at] appropriate times.’ Plus, one ‘must think about good things.’ Oh, and receive regular enemas.”

And, here’s the kicker: If you don’t change your nasty queer ways, Petrovic is all for going the capital punishment route: “Though he acknowledges that ‘you cannot execute homosexuals’ at this point, he supports a system that would ultimately give gays a choice: change your behavior or face the death penalty.” responds: “What’s amusing is that I know dozens of gay men and women who already follow that exact diet. Because gays are fitness and diet freaks! They are obsessed with drinking a lot of water, working out, avoiding toxins like booze and coffee, and yes some of them get enemas. Regularly!” : :