Crowdsource time!

We’re looking for folks to chat with for a story with a VERY interesting angle!

Our 4th annual Sex Issue, “Love & Lust,” is coming up soon. With the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment on marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships around the corner, we thought we’d blow the old stereotype of gay sexuality…

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Young (18+ teens, 20s, 30s) LGBT people who are virgins — yes, virgins — and who are waiting for the right, special someone for marriage or commitment.
  • Long-term, monogamous and committed same-sex couples of any age.
  • Long-term, monogamous and married same-sex couples of any age.
  • LGBT people of any age who were virgins before entering a long-term, monogamous and committed or married relationship.

Desires for anonymity and confidentiality will be respected. Email us your story at