The Body Positive
Organization whose mission is to “transform people’s beliefs about beauty, health, and identity, freeing them to live balanced, joyful, and purposeful lives.”

Center for Positive Sexuality
A Los Angeles-based non-profit educational organization founded in 2007 that believes sex education should be “easily available, friendly and accurate.”

Center for Sex & Culture
A San Francisco-based organization provides “judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health.”

Center for Sex Positive Culture
Seattle-based non-profit, membership-based community center founded in 1999 as a “bold attempt to create an environment that was accommodating to sex positive communities and transformative in all areas of human sexuality.”

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Founded in 1997 to “fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior.”

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance
National organization that “works to advance the  recognition of sexual, gender, and family diversity.” The group bills itself as the “leading sexual freedom and human rights organization.”


Just Ask Skinny Boy
Twenty-one-year-old Elijah blogs about his life with aspergers syndrome and working through depression and an eating disorder. When visiting his Tumblr blog, a reader gets a pop-up that reads: “Hey guess what?! You are truly Beautiful and Amazing just the way you are. Remember that always, and never let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Mkay? Smile, you are loved <3.”
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Sex Positive Portal
An online portal listing organizational and other resources including links to activists and speakers and, even, sex-positive porn.

Sex Positive Activism
Avory is a “genderqueer, polyamorous, sex-positive, kinky writer, blogger and activist” whose in-depth blog explores a variety of topics.


“The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures”
Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt

“The Obesity Myth: Why America’s Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health”
Paul Campos

“Fat!So?: Because You Don’t Have to Apologize for Your Size”
Marilynn Wann