Dear Trinity,
I worship your advice and your adventurous history. I’m thinking of dropping out of college and following my dreams like you always talk about. What does one have to do to follow their dreams?
Dream Chaser, Albuquerque, NM

Dear Dream Chaser,
Most of my life’s adventures and dreams have been spent while going to school in interesting places like NYC, San Francisco, Montreal and Santa Fe. On those adventures, I got a Bachelors, a trade degree and two Masters degrees, one is a Masters of Divinity. So, to be like me, go to school in great places and stay in school. In the summers you can work in adventurous places like P-town, Sitges, Ibiza or take an internship. Honey, when you’re finally finished with your education (which may take decades in total), you will be freer and smarter to really appreciate the adventure.

Hey Trinity,
I’m a chocoholic. I’m very healthy and in control of myself, but dark chocolate is my life. Should I worry about it?
Chocolate Chains, Palm Beach, FL

tt_441_092515Hey C.C.
Everyone has good and bad addictions such as sex, shopping and even plastic surgery. It’s normal and sometimes healthy to give into life’s pulls and tucks. So, as long as it’s under control, darling, pass a slice of that chocolate moose cake please! (Is it indulgence or addiction? Check out my cartoon to find out!)

Hello Trinity,
After two months, I fell in love and am moving in with the man of my dreams. However, his ex still lives in the next bedroom. Help?
The Next Room, Washington, DC

Hello Next,
Just because reality TV shows create outrageous relationships to boost ratings doesn’t mean you have to as well. Two months, with the ex in the next bedroom, is a better choice for than you two about to do something wrong. Pumpkin, repeat after me, “I have plenty of time to move in. I deserve a healthy relationship.” And, if that doesn’t spark some sense into you, then try it just once in your life, but rent out the other bedroom to your therapist!

Dearest Trinity,
Many issues back you gave advise for dumping someone inhumanely. How about doing it humanely?
Humane or Inhumane, Austin, TX

Dearest Humane or Inhumane,
I must have been going through yet another zoological breakup when I wrote that. So, sweetie, now that I’m feeling less ferocious here’s:

Trinity’s Kindhearted Tips To (HEAR) Humanely End A Relationship
1. So, she’s a monster! OK, he’s a beast. But to HEAR means you will have to be a better person than your counterpart!
2. The cell phone or internet are both great devices for making dates, but definitely wrong devices for ending them. Face-to-face is the only way to HEAR!
3. “It’s not working right now.” or, “I want to take a break.” is much nicer to HEAR than, “You A-hole! Good-bye!”
4. Together in a private place, where there’s nothing to throw, is a much smarter way to HEAR than doing it in a crowd.
5. At breakfast, in the middle of a big fight or at the end of a romantic interlude are all the wrong times to HEAR!
6. Birthdays, funerals, weddings and large sports or concert events are also the wrong places to HEAR!
7. Sitting down, having time to talk, being slightly intoxicated (and holding a thick shatterproof window in front of you) will make it much safer to HEAR!
8. Keeping to the point (while wearing your newly improved bulletproof vest) also makes it much easier to HEAR.
9. The only reason not to HEAR is when you’re dealing with someone who refuses to have an ear for how you’re trying to HEAR!
10. Lastly, remember expecting someone to easily listen to you HEAR is like expecting someone to easily take an enema. Allow them time to ease into it! : :

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