Snowy greetings, kiddies. Normally I’m in such a good mood when I write the Rag. I do enjoy writing about the queens who do pageants and talking about the results of them.

But this time, my mood is different and I’m sure you know why. Everyone knows by now that L & T Entertainment made the decision at the end of January to take away the title of Miss Gay America from Alyssa Edwards and it is with a heavy heart that I must talk about it.

Her first runner-up, Coco Montrese, has assumed the responsibilities and will have her own coronation at the Grey Fox in St. Louis, Mo., on Feb. 27. Now don’t get me wrong, Coco is a good kid and I told her when I met her in the summer of 2008 that it would be hers one day. But, damn! Trivia buffs know that this is only the second time that this has happened in the Miss America history — the first being Shan Covington back in the day, after Michael Andrews passed up the opportunity so she could actually compete and win it herself (which she did the next year, thank you). Dani Daletto stepped in to be Miss America that year. I am in disbelief still that this has happened. I know the offical reasons that were given, but what it all boils down to, as I told Alyssa, was that she wasn’t kissing enough ass. Apparently, the owners want all this attention and she wasn’t able to give it. Most folks know Alyssa’s creator, Justin, owns a dance studio and is a teacher and mentor to some wonderful kids. That end of his business pays for her to buy fierce shoes and designer gowns. But, they supposedly wanted her to focus more on being Miss America for a year, which is understandable to an extent, but they are business owners as well and have to respect that. I knew when she told them she’d rather have an employee/employer relationship instead of being friends that it was over. And, now it is. What’s sad is all she ever wanted to be was a Miss Gay America. She won and was a fabulous Miss U.S.ofA. in the process and made finals at Miss Continental, too. More is on the horizon for this individual, but she has to hurt and heal first. I’m sorry it has to be her, for sure — what we say back this way — she’s “good people.”

So, now I have to decide what to do regarding how I feel about that whole system. I respect the past winners and love some of them dearly. I acknowledge the need for that system, too, to exist to allow guys who are female impersonators to compete evenly and fairly against each other. I must tell you, today, I could care less if I ever mention another winner of a preliminary in that system again. But, that wouldn’t be fair to you all; however, the results are on their website and are updated promptly. And, of course, there’s always Miss NC, which is an exception to me because it is so dear to my heart. It is where I live. Hello! If anyone could write me and be objective and consider my feelings when they respond to me, feel free to drop me a line. If it’s hogwash, don’t waste my time or yours. Deal?

Now on to what we’re here for — pageant tea! Everything I have this time is from the great U.S.ofA. system. There are some surprises, too, that I’m pleased to discuss. The winner of Miss Ala. Classic was Lady LaTweet. Danielle Hunter just won Miss FL Classic and her runners-up were Stephanie Stuart and Alexis De La Mer. Former Miss America Catia Lee Love won Reina del Sol Classic and her RU was Masquerade. Whitney Paige won Sin City Classic and her RU was Dana Douglas. Say what? I didn’t know Miss Dana was thinking of getting back into competition again. Wow! Sounds like it’s warming up to be a great pageant once again!

As for the “original” U.S.ofA. contest, Myah Monroe is the new Miss Alabama; her RU was Khia Campbell. Miss AZ is Kayla Krawford with RU Naomi St. James. Former Miss Florida FI Amy DeMilo just won Miss FL and her RU was Delores Van Cartier. Miss Iowa is Natasha Cass and her RU was Chanel Cavalier. Miss OH is Mikaila Styles, with RU Amaya Sexton. Miss OK is Lady Tamia St. James and her RU was Londenn Raines. To save the best for last, the new Miss Sin City is Luscious, our former Miss NC America and Miss Scorpio. Her RU was Natasha Braxton. I’m so glad Miss Luscious is a good listener and went to one of the best promoters in the country. I smell a crown and it’s coming in this direction!

The program that I mentioned the last time about the girls from “Trantasia” is to be called “Wild Things.” I’ve just gotten off the phone with Tamalah Taylor while Maria Roman was visiting from Hollywood. Tam has plans to be on it next season. In the meantime, she is planning on doing a prelim in San Antonio which will take her to the All-American Goddess pageant that Candi Stratton will be giving up.

Don’t forget that Alyson Thomas is having her Carolina Continental prelims here in Charlotte at Scorpio on FEb. 25. Come out and see the national titleholders Armani, Christopher Iman, Michelle Fighter and the gorgeous Mexican mamacita Coco Van Cartier. I’ll see y’all there!

In closing, one small correction from last time — Felcia Monet’s title is actually Miss Pride Charlotte and not Charlotte Pride. Her first prelim will be Miss Scorpio Pride on March 19 and will end up with Queen City Pride at Hartigan’s on June 25. I understand there are some fantastic plans for Pride this year here in the Queen City. They are also adding a king contest for male impersonators and will also be doing a contest for guys, too. Can’t wait! : :

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This article was published in the Feb. 20 – Mar. 5 print edition.