Local and state LGBT groups have made their endorsements in this year’s midterm elections, to be held on Nov. 2.

This election season has been marked by extremely partisan rhetoric, negative ads and campaigning and a “Tea Party” insurgence as the nation continues to climb itself out of one of its worst economic recessions since the Great Depression.

The groups announcing their endorsements include Greensboro’s Replacements, Ltd. PAC, Charlotte’s Mecklenbug Gay & Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) and the statewide Equality North Carolina. Each of the group’s endorsements are listed below.

To learn more about the election, check your voter registration and find your polling place, visit the State Board of Elections website.

Replacements, Ltd. PAC

Download a PDF version of Replacements, Ltd. PAC’s 2010 Voter Guide, which covers Greensboro, Guilford County, Randolph County, Alamance County and Rockingham County.


County Commission, At-Large
Harold Cogdell* (D): Endorsed
Dan Murrey* (D): Endorsed
Jennifer Roberts* (D): Endorsed

County Commission, District 2
Vilma Leake* (D): Endorsed

County Commission, District 3
George Dunlap* (D): Endorsed

County Commission, District 4
Dumont Clarke* (D): Endorsed

Mecklenburg County Sheriff
Chipp Bailey* (D): Endorsed
Chris Hailey (R): Receptive

Equality NC PAC

North Carolina Senate Races
Senate District 1 — Marc Basnight* (D)
Senate District 2 Barbara Garrity-Blake (D)
Senate District 3 Clark Jenkins* (D)
Senate District 7 Doug Berger* (D)
Senate District 9 — Jim Leutze (D)
Senate District 14 — Dan Blue* (D)
Senate District 15 — Charles Malone (D)
Senate District 16 — Josh Stein* (D)
Senate District 18 — Bob Atwater* (D)
Senate District 19 — Margaret Highsmith Dickson* (D)
Senate District 20 — Floyd McKissick* (D)
Senate District 21 — Eric Mansfield (D)
Senate District 23 — Ellie Kinnaird* (D)
Senate District 32 — Linda Garrou* (D)
Senate District 37 — Dan Clodfelter* (D)
Senate District 38 — Charlie Dannelly* (D)
Senate District 40 — Malcolm Graham* (D)
Senate District 49 — Martin Nesbitt* (D)

North Carolina House Races
House District 7 — Angela Bryant* (D)
House District 18 — Susi Hamilton (D)
House District 29 — Larry Hall* (D)
House District 30 — Paul Luebke* (D)
House District 31 — Mickey Michaux* (D)
House District 34 — Grier Martin* (D)
House District 35 — Jennifer Weiss* (D)
House District 36 — Robin Anderson (D)
House District 37 — Debra McHenry (D)
House District 38 — Deborah Ross* (D)
House District 39 — Darren Jackson* (D)
House District 41 — Chris Heagarty* (D)
House District 42 — Marvin Lucas* (D)
House District 44 — Diane Parfitt* (D)
House District 45 — Rick Glazier* (D)
House District 54 — Joe Hackney* (D)
House District 56 — Verla Insko* (D)
House District 57 — Mary Price “Pricey” Harrison* (D)
House District 58 — Alma Adams* (D)
House District 59 — Maggie Jeffus* (D)
House District 60 — Marcus Brandon (D)
House District 63 — Alice Bordsen* (D)
House District 71 — Larry Womble* (D)
House District 85 — Beth Ostgaard (D)
House District 96 — Gary Lafone (D)
House District 99 — Rodney Moore (D)
House District 100 — Tricia Cotham* (D)
House District 102 — Becky Carney* (D)
House District 103 — Ann Newman (D)
House District 104 — Frank Deaton (D)
House District 106 — Martha Alexander* (D)
House District 107 — Kelly Alexander* (D)
House District 114 — Susan Fisher* (D)
House District 115 — Patsy Keever* (D)

Statewide Judicial Races (Nonpartisan)
Supreme Court Justice — Robert C. (Bob) Hunter
Court of Appeals Judge — Sanford Steelman*
Court of Appeals Judge — Jane Gray
Court of Appeals Judge — Rick Elmore*
Court of Appeals Judge — Martha Geer*

Court of Appeals Judge
Special Instructions: Instant Runoff Voting for this seat only
a. Choose up to 3 candidates for this seat in order of your preference: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
b. Select a different candidate for each choice.
c. Your 2nd and 3rd choices will not count against your 1st choice; they will only be considered in a runoff if your 1st choice is not in the runoff.

First Choice: Cressie Thigpen*
Second Choice: Stan Hammer
Third Choice: Pamela M. Vesper

Notes: * indicates incumbent. (D) indicates Democrat. (R) indicates Republican.