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qnotes recently published a story about transgender name changes (“Avoiding a name change nightmare” Vol. 31, No. 7). I have represented the LGBT community for over 20 years, and I regularly obtain name changes for my transgender clients. I have done trans name changes in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties. I have also obtained name changes in the more rural counties from Burke County to Wilkes County. I have never had any difficulty. In fact, I have found that without fail, the court officials are respectful and professional. They grant the name change without any problem.

Are there bigots who end up in some official capacity in the legal system? Yes, and that’s what happened in the Georgia case referred to in the article. Is it the norm? No, not in my experience. Again, the court officials I have dealt with on behalf of my trans clients do their jobs professionally and without prejudice.

I hope anyone wanting a name change will know it is something that can be done.

Connie Vetter, Attorney at Law
Charlotte, N.C.