Greetings, my dear readers and the happiest of new years! I hope you all had good holidays and are ready to make 2013 legendary. I, for one, am looking at doing some things differently myself now that I am a year older and I lost my dear, sweet Mother in December as many of you may know. I thank all those who called, sent texts and sent beautiful flowers and cards. Your kindness will not be soon forgotten. It makes one think about life in new ways, for sure.

I wanted to start off by saying sorry for failing to mention two other lovely “ladies of the stage” at Miss Macy’s holiday party in the last column — Tara Storm and Monica Lovitt. You can’t always remember everyone, but how did I miss those girls?

I understand Dorae Saunders, our Miss U.S.ofA. at Large, has already made the trip to her first prelim, Miss Kansas. I hope they treated the gal well. I told Dorae the 40s would be the best. She’s only had a few months taste of them and I wish her the best. The winner of this contest was the gorgeous Lindsay Paige (Whitney’s daughter, who has eyes to match!) and her runner-up was Dutchess Divina. I look forward to catching up with Dorae at Miss Scorpio at the end of January, if not before. Hopefully, I will also run into Skyler Monet that night to congratulate her on recently winning Miss Charlotte Newcomer.

Jessica Raye, a recent ‘returner’ to Raleigh, NC, Miss Unlimited Classique
Photo Credit: Lucinda Costner Photograpy

Our pic this time is of my sis from way back, Jessica Raye, the current Miss USA Unlimited Classique. Our birthdays are actually within days of each other and I love her dearly. She is now living back in Raleigh, after a brief stint in Knoxville, TN, and before that in Myrtle Beach. Jessica got her start in pageantry right here in NC (where she’s from) and I hope to see the ole gal soon.

I will close with results from All-American Goddess and At Large prelims. I really like that system and its owner, Scott. For the “original” contest (y’all know I don’t say the skinny or little girl) Nece Sexton won Miss Music City and her alternate was Christina Alexandria Victoria-Regina Lowe. Vivaca Starr won Miss Rhode Island with RU Kelly Brooks. Lakia Mondale won Massachusetts with RU Anastacia Rexia. Anjila Cavalier won Florida with RU Alyssa LeMay. Iroc Octavia Goodness won TX with RU Xacora Martinez and Eternity V. Collins won Miss Lone Star State. For the At Large contestants, we have Miss Alabama, Victoria Taylor and her RU Kinsey Malone; Music City, Tonna DeMore and runners-up Rebecca Valentine and Raine Beau Brite; Tennessee, Danielle DeLong and Extasy Grey; Sun Coast, Kamden Cass and RU Nicolette Ashton; Indiana, Ginger Ale and RU Danielle Avalon; Rhode Island, Ariel Gibbs with RU Victoria Starr; Massachusetts, Mariah Moore Sky and RU Kris Knevil; Kansas, Moltyn Decadence and RU Sara De La Hoya; Miss Florida, Jasmine Skiies; Miss TX, Kristina Starr; Miss Arkansas, Akasha Mazzaratie Steele Adonis, and, finally, Miss Lone Star State, Kayla Monroe.

Well, kids, that does it for me. I wanted to dedicate this column to a lovely queen who recently passed in St. Louis, Miss Sasha Nicole. We’d been friends for years although we’d lost contact. She’d competed at Miss Continental, Miss Gay America and Miss EOY that I know of. A lovely boy queen who was so pretty I always thought she was my transistor sister. Turns out she was just a fishy, good make-up artist who excelled at her craft. A fallen star, a risen angel. : :

[Ed. Note: The staff of qnotes wishes to extend our deepest condolences to Miss Della on the loss of her Mother. ]

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