People in Charlotte are freaky. In a good way, or whatever way makes you feel good. There’s no judgment here. But either way you look at it, Charlotte has a lot of folks looking for just about every imaginable kind of sexual fun. And we have the data to prove it. Unscientifically, of course.

Every once in a while, you’ll see a new “study” pop up on gay gossip blogs or elsewhere, claiming to rate cities by the number of tops or bottoms. These stories are a dime a dozen — often predictable in their outcomes. But, it got us to thinking — what makes Charlotte tick?

We pulled up our internet browser, logged on to Craigslist’s local personals and “Casual Encounters” section and did a little data compilation.

First, some notes: Our (again, totally unscientific) review was conducted on Jan. 25. The oldest viewable posts we could find date back to Dec. 11, 2014. The most we could view in any one category was 2,500, even if the total number of posts were much more than that.

Who’s looking for whom?

Men — you’re all horn dogs. Gay, straight, bi or whatever, you far outrank women when it comes searching for sex online. Women seeking other women pulled up just a paltry 303 posts, the oldest dating back to Dec. 11. Women seeking male partners had 246 posts, again dating back to Dec. 11.

Men seeking the company of women had much higher numbers — 2,190 posts back to Dec. 11.

But men who wanted to get it on with other men — they took the cake, with 4,542 results, of which only 2,500 dating back to Jan. 4 were viewable.

And there were much higher numbers in the more salacious “Casual Encounters” section:

Men seeking men, 11,192 posts, of which 2,500 dating back to Jan. 20 were viewable

Women seeking women, 587 posts

Women seeking men, 1,093 posts

Men seeking women, 8,093 posts, of which 2,500 dating back to Jan. 17 were viewable

And members of the trans community are getting it on, too. Transgender folks searching for male partners saw the highest number of post — 888 — followed by males searching for transgender partners at 516 posts.

Want to host a party?

Two’s company. Three’s a crowd. But not for everyone. Again — gay, straight, bi, trains and more — folks in Charlotte seem down to party.

Opposite-gender couples seem to be the most party hardy. Couples looking for other opposite-gender couples had 407 posts in their category, with opposite-gender couples searching for women coming up at 539 posts. Males looking for opposite-gender couples came in at 1,155 posts.

You’re never too old for sex

One might be tempted to think that only the youngest of folks are looking for sex online, but that’s not the case. People of all ages, including senior citizens, are turning to the internet for love and lust:

18-24, 4,237 posts

25-34, 6,445 posts

35-44, 3,835 posts

45-54, 2,888 posts

55-64, 468 posts

65+, 319 posts

We found 100 posts, including some extra results from across the Carolinas region — in the 65-74 year old bracket, but none over 75.

What are you into?

We got even more curious, wanting to know a little bit more about the folks turning to Craigslist for fun. We dug a little deeper searching for commonly used keywords or slang in the Casual Encounters section.

We tried running through some lesbian and other female keywords in their Casual Encounters section, but mostly turned up results that weren’t local. So, we turned to the men-seeking-men section, which offered up far more usable data. Here’s our results for some of those keywords and slang terms and the number of posts in which they appeared.

straight or str8, 1,119 posts

top, 1,837 posts

bottom , 2,057 posts

vers or versatile, 603 posts

young, 865 posts

daddy, 221 posts

dom, 149 posts

sub, 201 posts

fwb or friend with benefits, 184 posts

bb, bareback, raw or breed, 430 posts

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.