CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Over the last year, a group of attorneys across North Carolina gathered together to establish a new organization, The Pauli Murray LGBTQ+ Association. Now it has become a state-wide entity for legal professionals to obtain support, provide opportunities, promote LGBTQ practices, maintain and publicize a directory for its members, encourage fellowship, promote legislative, administrative and judicial reforms, promote and provide for positive role models, create an arena for research, discussion and information exchange, as well as the development of a liaison process.

Board members include: Cristal Robinson, president; Candelario Saldana, vice president; Connie J. Vetter, secretary; Stephen Hegedus, treasurer; and Crystal Richardson, at-large director.

As an organization, it is affiliated with the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and The National LGBT Bar Association.

Membership is available in three categories: regular ($50) for licensed attorneys who are in good standing to practice in North Carolina or actively in the progress of becoming licensed in North Carolina, and a North Carolina attorney who has retired from the practice of law; student ($10) for current North Carolina law school attendees; and associate ($50) for others other than attorneys who are engaged in the legal profession providing services to the LGBTQ community.


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