MeckPAC Primary Endorsements

E — Endorsed
R — Receptive to LGBT concerns
W1 — Failed to return MeckPAC candidate questionnaire
W2 — Candidate does not support LGBT equality

Mayor — Republican
Martin Davis W2
John W. Lassiter W1
Jack Shelton Stratton, III W1

At-Large, City Council — Democratic
Raphael Basisa R
Susan Burgess E
Patrick Cannon R
Anthony Giovanni Catrillon R
David Howard R
Darrin L. Rankin E
Bob Williams R

At-Large, City Council — Republican
Georgia Belk E
Tariq Scott Bokhari W2
Jerry W. Drye W1
Craig Nannini W1
Edwin B. Peacock, III E
Jaye Rao W1
Matthew Ridenhour W1

Dist. 1, City Council — Democratic
Patsy Kinsey E
Owen Sutkowski E

Dist. 2, City Council — Democratic
[James (Smuggie) Mitchell, Jr. W1
Aaron (Fatso) Sanders W1

Dist. 5, City Council — Democratic
Darrell Bonapart E
Nancy Carter R

CHARLOTTE — A local political action committee has chosen both candidates in a primary race being closely watched by the LGBT community across the Carolinas.

The Mecklenburg Gay and Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) held its pre-election party at the Morehead Inn on Thursday, Aug. 27, endorsing seven candidates for the Charlotte City Council, and contributing to two other campaigns.

The City Council District 1 primary will pit incumbent Patsy Kinsey against openly gay Owen Sutkowski. Both received MeckPAC’s endorsement. The double endorsement marks the first time MeckPAC has chosen two opposing candidates in the same race.

Chair Phil Hargett said the group was presented with a unique challenge.

“It was a long meeting that night. There was a lot of passion about both candidates,” he told Q-Notes. “We had a lot of sponsors and contributors who have a long history with Patsy and I think all of us, no matter who we support, are proud that Owen is out there being open about his sexual orientation in his campaign.”

Sutkowski has also been endorsed by the Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg and the Eastside Political Action Committee. Kinsey has also received endorsements from the North Carolina Women’s Political Caucus.

Charlotte and Mecklenburg County voters head to the polls for their primary election on Sept. 15. Other North Carolina municipalities will hold primary elections on Oct. 6. This year’s general election will be held Nov. 3.

Be sure to pick up Q-Notes‘ Sept. 5 print issue for an in-depth look at Charlotte’s races for the upcoming primary election. In the Sept. 19 issue, Q-Notes will run its 2009 Races to Watch feature including general election races across the state.

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.