Dear Trinity,
I have a feeling I may lose my job. Any ideas on how to keep a job and/or keep from loosing one?
Job Doubts, Charleston, W.Va.

Dear Job Doubts,
Even though last year you may have won “Employee Of The Year,” this year’s bad economy, loss of profits and/or someone with more tenure could put you into the unemployment line. It seems like most employers simply want two things from employees: to make their company grow and to fit in and work well with others. Thus, if you do your very best and try to get along with your coworkers (even if it means biting your tongue now and then) then all that’s left is praying. Although, honey, opening your own business and being your own boss is the other cure for “unemployment jitters.” This way you may not always get a steady paycheck, but you’ll never worry about getting fired!

Dear Trinity,
If you really like someone and they really like you, then why is it wrong to talk about living together on the second date?
Moving Fast, Providence, R.I.

Dear Moving Fast,
Question: If you win the lottery should you: a) tell everyone right away, or b) enjoy the moment, get a financial advisor and then tell everyone? The correct answer is “b.” Shut up, enjoy the moment, spend time figuring out your new situation and then open your big mouth. In other words, pumpkin, be excited but be cautious. Be in love, but be practical. Go on your second date, but be quiet about moving in, at least until you have time to know “something more” then someone’s zodiac sign! (Check out my cartoon to see how I would handle this!)

Dearest Trinity,
I hosted a party so my friends could meet my new boyfriend. But I messed up, got drunk and “made-out” with an old boyfriend! What a mess!
Hosting Horrors, Ogunquit, Maine

Dearest Hosting Horrors,
Since you know you messed up big time then let me just remind you that when hosting a party that includes your new boyfriend: 1) don’t invite old boyfriends, 2) don’t fight with your new boyfriend in front of company, 3) don’t spend too much time away from him and 4) for God’s sake, sweetie, don’t get caught drunk kissing someone/anyone else in front of him!

Hey Trinity,
Lately, my other half is doing things that lead me to believe that I am being cheated on. How can I find out without appearing suspicious?
Cheating Thoughts, Reno, Nev.

Hey Cheating Thoughts,
There are many things a cheating spouse or lover does that gives them away. That’s why, darling, I’ve compiled:

Trinity’s Smart Scenarios For Knowing If You’re Being Cheated On
1. S/he becomes “unnaturally” jealous of you, usually as a protective mechanism for his or her own wonton activities.
2. S/he insists on spending time alone, yet can’t explain where or with whom s/he goes out to lunch, dinner or on a late night rendezvous with.
3. S/he acquires items on your joint credit card and phone bill that cannot be explained.
4. His/her “new” secretary is gorgeous, single and s/he spends a hell of a lot of extra time “at the office.”
5. S/he suddenly starts dressing and acting sexier then s/he has ever in your last five years together.
6. S/he freaks out when you simply ask, “Where are you going, honey?” or “Where have you been, sweetie?”
7. His/her personal items start disappearing or new items suddenly start appearing and s/he acts like your questions are crazy. (“I’ve always had these earrings, honey!”)
8. S/he doesn’t want to have sex anymore and gets upset when you start suggesting it.
9. S/he is hardly ever at the office when you just out of the blue drop by or call to “say hi” (or do a little spy work)!
10. Lastly, s/he smells like, feels like, tastes like and even worse looks like someone else.

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