Keep our state straight
Is among the things I hate
It is said just to alienate

People not born like you
So now, the Department of Justice sues
Yet, you still can’t take a clue
That HB2,

No different than Jim Crow,
Is a new arbitrary low
Somehow legally deeming transgender a foe.
All I can say is a blatant “no”

To the Republican slime
Who assume transgender people use the restroom,
hearts intent on crime
Now, with my catchy rhyme
I emphasize that this not “love one’s neighbor”
in it’s prime.

Instead of bathroom-banishing,
Non-straight vanishing,
Or gender examining,

Let’s protect our sisters,
Not just our cis-ters

And regard our trans brothers
Not as others.

info: INSIDEoUT is a youth-led (and youth-founded) organization by and for LGBTQI+ youth that strives to connect and support all LGBTQISA-queer individuals and groups. It also publishes Backwords, the official zine of iNSIDEoUT.