From all of us at Equality North Carolina, Happy LGBTQ History Month! With Election Day looming and our nation experiencing unimaginable crisis, it can feel strange to celebrate anything right now. But the resilience of our community in the face of a global pandemic and targeted attacks from the Trump Administration deserves nothing short of celebration.

This year, we invite you to celebrate LGBTQ history by plugging into helping shape the future of our nation. If the chaos of the last several weeks has proven anything, it’s that we’re going to have to do the work to save ourselves and fight for a better world with everything we’ve got.

Everything is on the ballot this year for the LGBTQ community, Black and Brown folks, immigrants, women, people living with disabilities and marginalized communities all across our state. The results of this election will shape not only the next four years, but the version of America that we will all have to live through for decades to come.

We’re counting on you to join us in helping save this country because we will all suffer if we don’t exercise our right to vote all the way down the ballot this year.

There are so many ways for you to plug in. Will you join us?

Voter Guides

For the 2020 Election season, we’ve endorsed 147 candidates across our state. These endorsements range from the highest offices in our state to local races all across North Carolina.

In an effort to aid you in your voting process, we’ve divided these candidates across nine different regional guides: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte & The Piedmont, Fayetteville, the Triad, Northeastern NC, Wilmington & Southeastern NC and the Western Region of our state. [See the endorsements list online at for a full list of candidates receiving Equality North Carolina PAC’s nod.]

Whether voting absentee, early or on Election Day, we hope you’ll consider these carefully vetted pro-equality candidates. Need help making a Voting Plan? Check out our Voter FAQ on our website.

Texting & Phone Banking

Phone banking and text banking is extremely easy — and you can do it on your own time from the comfort of your own home! All it takes is a brief training and you’ll be able to help shape the future of North Carolina whenever you have a spare 30 minutes.

We have structured phone banks every Saturday morning, but you’re also welcome to make calls on your own. If you’re interested in pitching in, reach out to our director of Civic Engagement and Politics, Jessica Hulick, at

GO VoteNC Concert — Oct. 18

Join us and a host of other North Carolina organizations for a virtual concert intended to celebrate our communities and build collective power for the political process. We’ll hear from the legendary Vivica C. Coxx, Joe Troop of Che Apalache and Shana Tucker, The Hamiltones and more. Save the date by heading to

Safe Voter NC

Equality North Carolina, the North Carolina Black Alliance, and Disability Rights North Carolina have launched a voter safety protection campaign called Safe Voter NC to provide Personal Protective Equipment for 250,000 North Carolinians from marginalized communities as they head to the polls. Request your free kit at You can also text 888-WEVOTE-2.