In anticipation of our upcoming print edition on April 30 celebrating our furry (and sometimes not-so-furry) friends and their owners, qnotes is opening a fun competition to our readers: First, take a picture with your doggie doppelgänger, comparable kitty, reptilian resembler, or fishy friend and email it to us at If your team scores in the top 10 entries, qnotes will contact you requesting a short 50 word story on how you met your adorable other half. Then, look forward to seeing your photo in our April 30 issue, in print and online!

For more information or if you have any questions, email

Photo Credit: Lee Nachtigal, via Flickr.

Leah Cagle

Leah Cagle is QNotes' former associate editor for arts and entertainment. You can reach editor Matt Comer via or