Dixon Dallas is Jake Hill
Jake Hill (left) and Jake Hill as Dixon Dallas. | Screen Capture

There’s a performer known as Dixon Dallas, who appears to be a gay male country singer – though he has yet to make a definitive statement about that – and he’s taking the music, social media and streaming world by storm.

The songs released by the country artist aren’t a half-hearted effort, either. He’s already had a string of viral video hits, the most noteworthy so far a pleasantly raunchy and twangy country dance tune called “Good Lookin’.”

“He’s bouncing off my booty cheeks, I love the way he rides/I can hardly breathe when he’s pumping deep inside/I kiss him on his neck, and then he kisses on my bussy/Call him ‘Daddy’ while I holler/Man, that boy so damn good looking.”

A quick sweep of YouTube finds a Dixon Dallas account with over 16,000 subscribers and five videos. Among his other tunes are “Better Without You,” “Sleeping All Alone,” “Like Whiskey” and “F150.”

Here’s the catch: Dixon Dallas is a created character. From all indications, Alabama-based electronica rock & rap musician Jake Hill is actually Dallas.

It’s all out there on the internet and it’s not hard to find. You can even find the moment where he announces in a video clip that he’s been working on country music and he’s a little bit nervous but he wants to share it with his followers.

By no means is this any kind of judgment or condemnation. It’s just an observation. In all honesty, I can’t say that what he’s doing is really any different from Cassandra Peterson portraying Elvira or Paul Reubens as PeeWee Herman.

While Dallas comes across as a typical gay country boy in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, the songs he sings portray an individual who’s either exceptionally excited about a new guy he’s met, really down in the dumps about one he lost or he’s boasting about what a good bottom he is.

Summing it up like that does indeed sound quite comical, but it doesn’t feel like he’s making fun of the gay male community. Instead, it comes across as though he’s identifying as part of the community and poking fun at himself and the rest of us, too.

His country music is mostly comedically hypersexual, although “Better Without You” tells the story of a relationship that ends and the pain surrounding the experience.

I hope you miss me when you think about me/And everything we could have been/And now you’re nothing but another memory/You know it hurt but in the end I’m doing better without you/And I know you hate it/I used to think you were the one but you ain’t/No more dancing around it/And I hate to say it/But you damn sure ain’t the one that got away

As Jake Hill, a dark and moody electronica/rap/rock singer-songwriter and musician, the artist and performer has over 735,000 subscribers on his YouTube page and nearly 100 video clips.

One thing’s for sure: that number of subscribers wouldn’t prompt a musician to give up on his career. Why Jake Hill feels the need to create another performance character so radically different – like Dixon Dallas – would most likely result from creative boredom or the need for artistic and self exploration.

According to internet research, Hill is 26 years old. His first official single, “We Die Too ” was released in January 2017. Six months later the world took notice when he released “It’s Everyday, Bro.” Additional successful recordings by Hill include “By the Sword” and “Die a King.”

Hill’s lyrics and music can be volatile and apocalyptic with undertones of violence, yet his appearance seemingly contradicts the message projected in the composition: he’s almost nerdish and diminutive and rarely makes eye contact with the camera.

As Dallas, his movements are rhythmic and a strong singing voice is revealed. The volatility is gone, replaced by the hypersexual lyrics and while he appears to be looking at the camera, it feels as though he is looking beyond it.

Whatever the case, his talent and performance capabilities as Hill and Dallas are delivered with pin point accuracy – in an almost mathematical manner.

Although I am not qualified to psychoanalyze this individual, something about his outward behavior suggests the possibility he may be extremely gifted because he is neurodivergent. What he has and can create at such a young age – despite challenges or not – is nothing short of amazing.

For fans of his queer country music, what matters is that it’s funny, enjoyable to listen to and shows promise for an incredible future in the field.

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