As I sit down to write another tardy Drag Rag, it occurs to me, as it does every once in a while, that I have not rounded up much tea this time. It seems the pageantry calendar is dry about this time, with the exception of a few tidbits. Pageant enthusiasts notice this every once in a while and it seems like it happens before and after the holidays. Don’t ask me why!

I mentioned to you all that I would eventually round up the names of the runners-up from Mr. and Miss Unlimited from a couple months ago. Our handsome Mr. Unlimited My’Kel Knight-Addams was happy to oblige. His runners-up included Raquan Demornay and Charlotte’s Scooby Damone Knight-Addams. For the ladies, runners-up to Alexis Nicole Whitnmey included Dorae Lorenz and Charlotte’s London Nicole Dior. Also, there was a Miss West Virginia United States at Large held recently and although a judge’s scores got missing and it was not originally called out this way, after the dust settled, Paisley Parque won Evening Gown, Talent and Americana Sportswear. She was crowned and Charlotte’s Cierra Nicole was first runner-up and she won On-Stage Q & A.

I do know the Miss America prelims are not scheduled to start up until around March, but hopefully a tour will be scheduled for the new MGA, Sally Sparkles, so she can tip through NC sometime soon. By the next time we meet up here, we will have an EOY prelim or two to talk about and, hopefully, some Continental and U.S.ofA. stuff as well. I understand the reigning Miss U.S.ofA., LaWanda Jackson, has been visiting and working a good bit in Raleigh at Legends. LaWanda, do get to the Queen City sometime as well, my dear!

Dorae S. Saunders of Columbia, S.C.: the newly crowned Miss U.S.ofA. At Large

This time, our promo is of the newest Miss Gay U.S.ofA. At Large, Dorae Saunders, who is also the reigning Miss Scorpio at Large (and is a former Miss Scorpio, along with a million other titles, it seems). Surely many readers remember she was a finalist a couple years ago on “America’s Got Talent” and she also appeared in the movie “Trantasia,” based on the Most Beautiful Transexual pageant held in Las Vegas a few years ago. It will be good to see her again the next time we run into each other at a pageant or a show somewhere. I’m sure she’ll be beaming, as I’ve watched her compete (and judged her a time or two) for years now and she has come into her own.

Just a couple weeks ago, the All-American Goddess prelims took place at Scorpio. Promoter Brooke Divine-Storm LaReese was spread thin playing hostess to everyone — and spent a pretty penny, too. Many titleholders were in the building to be presented or to perform or both. Many were mentioned in the previous Rag, but I was disappointed to learn that Dena Cass nor Alexis Nicole Whitney would be joining us. It was good to see several folks, including Savannah Leigh, Shae Shae LaReese and head judge Jennifer Warner who reigns as Miss United States Icon. I can say I was blown away by the professionalism exhibited by both All-American Goddess titleholders, Whitney Paige and Asia O’Hara. One can really tell Whitney gained a lot of her training from the days of competing in the Miss America system, that’s for sure. Top notch and pure drag all the way! Before coming to Charlotte, Whitney stayed in Nashville with friends Brandy Andrews and her roomie Mo and they were in awe of this drag legend. (And, Brandy loved cooking for her!)

Oh yeah — the results! Tia Douglas is the new NC All-American Goddess and her runner-up was Aria B. Cassadine. For the At-Large girls, Nina Fierra won and her RU was Phoxee Roxx.

Before going to press, I heard from a dear old friend of mine, my little sis Brandonna DuPree, now making her home back in Minnesota by way of a short stint in DC. She was in DC for a pageant, Miss United States, and she was calling to pour some pageant tea, as she had just placed as 1st RU there and won Interview, Gown and Most Beautiful. She told me she travelled with the ever-popular Tiffany T. Hunter of Continental fame, who now also makes calls Minnesota home. I had no idea! Anyway, the winner was Mercedes Munro of California. she won Talent. Aunye Diamond of Maryland was 2nd RU and she won presentation. The pageant was held at Club Omega.

Hopefully next time, we’ll have a lot more pageant tea to be thankful for! Happy Belated Turkey Day! : :

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