Setting goals, making resolutions and establishing a plan of action will help one achieve those ends. Make a list and keep it handle all year long to track successes. (Photo Credit: cn0ra via Adobe Stock)

The world has ushered in both a new year and a new decade. With that in mind, community members reflect on what they plan to do with the clean slate. They share their resolutions here.

Shannon Farrar
Executive Director
Carolinas CARE Partnership
Charlotte, N.C.
My work-related resolution for 2020 is to find new ways to build leadership opportunities for our team!

Rev. Dawn Flynn
Senior Pastor
New Life MCC
Gastonia, N.C.
I have four 2020 Resolutions:
1. I am committed to improve my personal spiritual growth through Bible reading, prayer and worship.
2. I am committed to continue to faithfully serve the church I have been called to pastor, New Life MCC in Gastonia, N.C., using all the gifts that God has graced me with.
3. I am committed to continue to fight for trans and LGBTQ+ rights everywhere I can in Charlotte, N.C., and elsewhere.
4. I am committing myself to fight to support “There’s Still Hope” in Charlotte, N.C., a support organization founded by Rev. Debra Hopkins, to provide shelter for homeless Charlotte trans people. This is a tremendous opportunity for the LBTQ+ community to make a difference among our trans siblings. Contact Rev. Debra Hopkins via Facebook for more information.

Jermaine Nakia Lee
Dad, Playwright, Songwriter, Director,
Community Leader, Co-Founder of Charlotte Black Pride,
Founder of Poor No More, Owner of NoDa@28th Creative Arts Studios
Charlotte, N.C.
This year, my boyfriend and I each wrote a list of people/places/things/behaviors we wish to leave behind in 2019. That list is to literally be destroyed in a burning ceremony — symbolic of ending things that don’t enhance our lives.
We also made a list of things we aim to manifest in 2020 and beyond. That “Vision List” is to be posted in a commonplace (at our homes) and affirmed aloud daily for 90 consecutive days.
Here’s a sample of my Vision List:
• Produce studio recordings of my entire music catalogue and make them available for download
• See my musical “FOR THE LOVE OF HARLEM” professionally produced in the 2020-21 theatre season.
• Attain 501(c)(3) for the charitable organization, POOR NO MORE.
• Successful kidney transport.
• Vacation every quarter.
• Continue to nourish my amazing relationship with the love of my love, Tevin.
• More quality time with my sons Josiah and Jediah and my Mother.

Dale Pierce
Dudley’s Place at Rosedale Medical
Huntersville, N.C
My resolution is to reach across the aisle in our community — something Congress should strive for. We have so many great organizations that exist to help the clients in need. We need to put our own differences aside and do what’s best for those in need.

Bishop Tonyia Rawls
Pastor of Sacred Souls UCC
Founder/Executive Director of
The Freedom Center for Social Justice
Charlotte, N.C.
I am committed to BUILDING WEALTH in 2020: One Experience At a Time. This is for myself and our community. It is tied to financial wealth, but also a commitment to social justice, physical and relational growth. We are not served well by divisions… particularly not in times like these. Let’s connect and build something amazing!

Nathan B. Smith
Vice President, Philanthropy
RAIN, Inc.
Charlotte, N.C.
In 2020, my New Year’s resolution begins with my continued effort to work on balancing my personal and work life. Work has been my life, but making sure I’m giving myself the care that allows me to enjoy my work after 15 years? I will work my ass off, but start focusing on creating a healthier version of myself. It’s time to be proud of my work, but spend more time enjoying life with family and friends — probably with hugs, laughs and a Tito’s and tonic.

Lee Storrow
Executive Director
NC AIDS Action Network
Raleigh, N.C.
My personal goal is to run a marathon in 2020! I’ve signed up for a race in Corning, N.Y. in October and have a training plan with a friend to meet the goal!
My professional goal is to finish our state’s ending the HIV epidemic plan and secure increased funding from the General Assembly to combat HIV and hepatitis C.

J. Wesley Thompson, MHS, PA-C, AAHIVS, DFAAPA
HIV Medical Director
Amity Medical Group
Charlotte, N.C.
My hope for 2020 is to see increased introspection as a nation and as a people. We seem to be fixated that “I am right and you are wrong” which diminishes all of us. My hope is that we remember “We the People” can change our perception and look through a lens of commonality rather than division. We share more in common than we do that which separates us.

Tom Warshauer
Community Engagement
City of Charlotte
Charlotte, N.C.
I am resolving to follow two thoughts from a wise friend, Julie Stone, who passed:
• You are enough. You have enough. Enough is enough.
• Live your own great story.
Living true to my own voice and values — that would be enough for my story this year.

Rev. Debbie Warren
Executive Director
RAIN, Inc.
Charlotte, N.C.
The beginning of 2020 is a time for me to think about time — not taking on more but reflecting on how I can be more effective with the time I have. I’m also very conscious of the 2020 presidential election and how I can work with others to elect a candidate who embodies respect and dignity for all people.

Rex Welton
OUT at the Movies
Winston-Salem, N.C.
To spend more time with my family and friends, working out and taking time to get adequate sleep.
To continue working with our board and volunteers to ensure that OUT at the Movies is one of the very best festivals in the world for our visiting filmmakers, audience members and donors.