Photo Credit: After Six Photography, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Oh, kiddies, here we are again and it’s hotter than a Cuban baseball player around these parts, Praise the Lord! I’m here doing one of the things that I do best — hashing and rehashing the drag pageantry scene and my cup runneth over! Where to begin?

Our picture this time is of Arabia Knight-Addams who just gave up her Miss National Icon crown several weeks ago in Winston-Salem at Club Odyssey. Jenasia McCray won with Vicki Valentino and Jessica Raye as her runners-up. For the Mr. Contest on the same night, we have a winner in Monte St. James, and his RUs were Terroge Hall Frantz and Kellie Ross Hall.

I judged a contest with Arabia a few weeks later—Miss NC U.S.ofA. at Large. We visited with our big sister Tajma Hall, the reigning Miss. Arabia and Tajma were excellent in the show, along with Miss CC’s Jazzmine Brooks, former Miss NC Paisley Parque, and the lovely queen relinquishing her title, Eden Parque Divine. Congrats go to Scarlett Dailey (who’s been winning crowns since Rover was a pup) and her alternate, Gabrielle Berlyn. Tajma tells me she’d just had another prelim, in Chicago, by the name of Ultimate Dream, and Summer Breeze won that one with RU Saffire Blue.

And speaking of Chicago, channel 11 WTTW has just produced a film documentary in their “Out & Proud” series about transgender actress and former Continental contender Alexandra Billings called “Schoolboy to Showgirl.” Billings is also a judge for Continental as well.

I must tell you, I recently took in a fabulous show at Scorpio when the legends of Legends came down from Raleigh! Entertaining the masses were Kirby Kolby, Dana St. James and Coti Collins. The tongues are still wagging about that one. Thanks to them for coming and delivering the goods and to Tiffany and Brian for getting them here. These girls represent some of the best in NC — an accomplished and decorated group of queens, for sure!

I also had the chance to see the coronation recently of the newest Miss Carolinas Southern Elegance at Night Owls in Gastonia. Londen Rain was on hand to crown Cheetah Shaw. Joining them in the show were Miss Night Owls Amber Rochelle St. James, Miss NC U.S.ofA. Brooke Divine, Miss C.S.E. at Large (and former NC U.S.ofA.) Cierra Nichole and the reigning Miss C.S.E. Newcomer Aqua St. Mark.
Miss Pride Charlotte draweth nigh and recent qualifiers to that contest include Miss Hide-A-Way Jessica Reigns Starr with RU Emory Starr; Miss Liaison’s Pride Valerie Rockwell; Miss Charlotte Eagle Pride Sierra Santana; Brandi Andrews Miss Petra’s Pride, and the alternate to Miss Scorpio Pride that I failed to mention the last time — Charlotte Damone.

Also in the area, we have a new Miss Sex Kitten — the 10 dancing toes of the biggun’, Kristina Kelly. Her runners-up included Sassi Stevenz and Briee LaMour. Angelica Dust just won Miss Winston-Salem America with RU Cherries Jubilee. Good contest, girls! Hats off to Uniquea who came back to relinquish her title after not having a Miss W-S for years. You were fabulous, along with Miss National Icon PLUS Big Shirli Stevenz, Cass Westbrook (lovely Bette and Wynona duet, ladies!), Miss NCA Victoria Parker, former MGA Tiffany Bonet, Eden Parque Divine, Emory Starr, Jessica Jade and Cierra Nichole.

Back to Legends, there is a new Miss of the House — Versage won Miss Legends recently and her RU was Lindsay Starr.

I’ll close with national tea — congrats to Naysha Lopez who won Miss Va. Icon Continental, and then all the rest are Miss America prelims — like Arizona, which T.C. Taylor won with RU Celebrity Starr; Miss Oklahoma — Shantel Mandalay; Miss Southern Elegance Sally Sparkles with RU Adrienne Fischer; and Miss Mid-America, Chantel Reshae.

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