He’s a chef, an animal lover and did we mention — he’s sexy as hell.

Tim Weaver, photographed by Bradford Rogne for the July issue of Instinct magazine, is a sweet guy raised in a religious family and who served in the Air Force.

“I was raised in a Baptist family and have a couple of ministers in the family,” he told the magazine. “My parents sent me and my siblings to a small private Christian school. When I say small, I mean I graduated from a class of four people. I dated two of the three girls in my class — and, yes, I was the only guy.”

At 22 he finally admitted to himself that he was gay, but didn’t come out to his family until he was 26.

“I was terrified so I decided to write them a letter,” he said. “I knew that once I put that letter in the mail, there would be no turning back.”

There’s more about Tim in the July issue of Instinct, including more about his love for his “pampered pets.” Pick an issue up at your local gay and lesbian store, big box book store or online at www.instinctmagazine.com.