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Yeah, grocery shopping list are a pain, but they’re a necessity. And, if you’re new to town or you’ve just moved to the opposite side of the city, you’ll be searching for the nearest, most convenient and friendly grocery store you can find. But, do you know how your local grocer treats its LGBT employees? Check out our report card below.

Grocery Stores

Employment policy includes: Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity


Aldi – Y/N

Super Bi-Lo – Y/N

Food Lion – Y/Y

Costco – Y/Y

Earth Fare – Y/Y**

Fresh Market – Y/N

Harris Teeter* – N/N

Publix – Y/N

Trader Joe’s – Y/Y

Walmart – Y/N

Whole Foods – Y/N

* Harris Teeter was recently purchased by Kroger, which does include sexual orientation and gender identity in its non-discrimination policy.

** Listed as “gender or gender preference.”

Note: Information for Compare Foods and Lowes Foods could not be obtained.


Employment policy includes: Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

Cannon Pharmacy* – Y/Y


Rite Aid – Y/N

Walgreens – Y/Y

*Contacted for this listing, Cannon Pharmacy (Kannapolis-North) pharmacist and owner Michael Rea said:  “Cannon Pharmacy will hire anyone without any consideration to sexual orientation or gender identity. Our employment requirements are simply how well a prospective candidate will serve our customers.”