A sweeping epidemic sees mounting transgender murders across the U.S. So far in a 12-month period, there have been 21 deaths. (Photo Credit: Viktoriia Kulish via Adobe Stock)

The epidemic of transgender murders in the U.S. continues to grow, as there have already been 21 deaths of individuals who were transgender or gender non-conforming that resulted from violent attacks or shootings over the last 12 months.

Nov. 20 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, and qnotes would like to honor the memory of those we’ve lost in our community.

“Transgender Day of Remembrance seeks to highlight the losses we face due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence,” said Gwendolyn Ann Smith, founder of Transgender Day of Remembrance. “I am no stranger to the need to fight for our rights, and the right to simply exist is first and foremost. With so many seeking to erase transgender people — sometimes in the most brutal ways possible — it is vitally important that those we lose are remembered, and that we continue to fight for justice.”

Dana Martin

Dana Martin, 31, was found shot to death in her car in a ditch in Montgomery, Ala. on Jan. 6. Local-Alabama transgender advocate Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd said, “she was a person that was loved by many.” According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the investigation is ongoing.

Jazzaline Ware

Jazzaline Ware was found dead in her Memphis, Tenn. residence in March. The Advocate said her death is being investigated as a homicide. “Our community in Memphis is mourning the death of Jazzaline Ware, a Black trans woman and beloved friend,” said the Transgender Law Center. Additional information regarding this case is unknown as of May 31.

Ashanti Carmon

Ashanti Carmon, 27, died from a fatal gunshot wound in Prince George’s County, Md. on March 30. Carmon is mourned and missed greatly by her fiancé, Philip Williams. “Until I leave this earth, I’m going to continue on loving her in my heart, body, and soul.” Williams said. “She did not deserve to leave this earth so early, especially in the way that she went out.”

Claire Legato

Claire Legato, 21, died from a fatal gunshot wound in Cleveland, Ohio on April 15. Cleveland.com said, “Legato was shot in the head during an argument between her mother and the suspect.” She died on May 14 at a local hospital and is mourned by her friends who say she was “full of life.”

Muhlaysia Booker

Muhlaysia Booker, 23, died from a fatal gunshot wound on May 18 in Dallas, Texas. Prior to Booker’s brutal murder, she suffered what Mike Rawlings, mayor of Dallas, described as “mob violence.” Local news outlet dfw.cbslocal.com said, “she was found near a golf course in east Dallas.” According to local authorities, as of May 20, a connection has not been made between the attack in April and her murder.

Michelle ‘Tamika’ Washington

Michelle “Tamika” Washington, 40 died from a fatal gunshot wound in Philadelphia, Pa. on May 19. Philadelphia Gay News said Washington was discovered by police, who were responding to reports of gunshots in North Philadelphia’s Frankville neighborhood. She died at Temple University Hospital, and is remembered by friends and loved ones, especially her “gay” family.

Paris Cameron

Paris Cameron, 20, was one of three victims in an anti-LGBTQ shooting in Detroit, Mich. on May 25, according to authorities. Cameron was transported to the hospital where she later died. Timothy Blancher, 20, and Alunte Davis, 21, were found dead at the scene. There were two other victims of the shooting, but fortunately, they pulled through. Fair Michigan President Alanna Maguire said, “this case illustrates the mortal danger faced by members of Detroit’s LGBTQ community, including transgender women of color.”

Chynal Lindsey

Chynal Lindsey, 26, was found dead with signs of “homicidal violence” on June 1 in White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas, according to authorities. The local police reached out to federal law enforcement for help with the investigation, but as of June 4, no additional information has become available.

Chanel Scurlock

Chanel Scurlock, 23, was found shot to death in Lumberton, N.C. on June 6. Very few details of the case have been released, but police told a local news outlet they have some good leads. Scurlock is remembered by her friends who took to Facebook, commenting “RIP” and that she “lived as she wanted to” and that she was “unapologetically correct about her feelings and expectations of people.”

Zoe Spears

Zoe Spears, 23, was found with multiple injuries near Eastern Ave. in Fairmount Heights, Md. She later died on June 13, according to authorities. Ruby Corado, transgender advocate and founder and director of Casa Ruby, an LGBTQ social services provider, said, “she was my daughter — very bright and very full of life. Casa Ruby was her home. Right now, we just want her friends and the people who knew her to know that she’s loved.”

Brooklyn Lindsey

Brooklyn Lindsey, 32, was found dead on the front porch of an abandoned dwelling in Kansas City, Mo. on June 25, according to a local news outlet kctv5.com. She is remembered by her friends, many of whom took to Facebook. “I love you, Brooklyn Lindsey,” one friend tweeted. “I shall live on for you. Rest in peace, sista.”

Denali Berries Stuckey

Denali Berries Stuckey, 29, was found shot to death in North Charleston, S.C. on July 20. A Facebook post written by her cousin said, “I lost my best friend, first cousin, … We were more than cousins. We were like brothers and sisters. I love you so much, Pooh.” According to local authorities, the investigation has been ongoing, and there are currently no suspects.

Kiki Fantroy

Kiki Fantroy, 21, died from a fatal gunshot wound in Miami, Fla. on July 31. She is remembered by her mother, who pleaded for justice for her daughter’s death, as having a “heart of gold” and being a “very loving person.”… “My baby, my baby. Please help bring justice to my baby,” her mother said.

Jordan Cofer

Jordan Cofer, 22, was killed in a mass shooting among eight other victims in Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 4. Cofer, who was only out as transgender to a few friends, is remembered as “extremely bright” and “well-liked.”… “Jordan was probably one of the sweetest people you would ever meet, a true saint, but he was also very scared constantly,” a friend said to Splinter News.

Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Doe

Pebbles LaDime, 24, was found dead in her car in Allendale County, S.C. on Aug. 4, according to authorities. Doe’s family and friends remembered her on social media as having a “bright personality” and being someone who “showed love” and was the “best to be around.”… “If I knew Friday would be my last time seeing you, I would have hugged you even tighter,” another friend wrote.

Tracy Single

Tracy Single, 22, was killed in Houston, Texas on July 30. Local transgender advocate, Monica Roberts, wrote, “rest in power and peace, Tracy. … You were taken away too soon.” Houston city officials honored Single’s memory by lighting the City Hall building and bridges over U.S. Route 59 in the colors of the transgender flag.

Bailey Reeves

Bailey Reeves, 17, died from a fatal gunshot wound in Baltimore, Md. on Sept. 4 at a local hospital. As of Sept. 6, few details were known about the case. At the time of Reeve’s death, she was the 17th transgender person to be murdered in 2019, many of whom were African-American.

Bee Love Slater

Bee Love Slater, 23, was found dead in a vehicle in Clewiston, Fla. on Sept. 4. According to local authorities, Slater showed signs of being burned, tied up and shot. She is remembered by friends and family as someone “with a really, really sweetheart” who “never harmed anyone.” The funeral home who conducted Slater’s ceremony said in a Facebook post that, “Bee Love was loved by many family, friends, and neighbors.”

Jamagio Jamar Berryman

Jamagio Jamar Berryman was killed in Kansas City, Kan. on Sept. 13. Following Berryman’s tragic death, her family and friends, members of the community and local activists paid their respects to Berryman by hosting a vigil, as well as taking to social media. “Ja’leyah-Jamar didn’t ask for this life… God made us to live and love and to grow…,” a cousin of Berryman’s wrote.

Itali Marlowe

Itali Marlowe, 29, was found by police with multiple gunshot wounds in the driveway of a local home in Houston, Texas on Sept. 20. Transgriot.blogspot.com said Marlowe was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. Raymond Donald Williams, 23, was charged with Marlowe’s murder and is being actively pursued by the police for his arrest.

Brianna “BB” Hill

Brianna “BB” Hill, 30, was discovered by police shot dead in Kansas City, Mo. on Oct. 14. Authorities told local news outlet kctv5.com that “the alleged shooter remained at the scene until they arrived.” Hill is remembered as a beloved member of the community, a Kansas City football fan, and someone who enjoyed sharing humorous videos on social media.




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(Photo Credit: Viktoriia Kulish via Adobe Stock)

In addition to the loss of these 17 souls, the deaths of Johana “Joa” Medina, 25, Layleen Polanco, 27, and Bubba Walker, 55, who was a local resident of Charlotte, N.C., are being followed closely by The Human Rights Campaign.

Medina died on June 1 in the hospital from severe health complications resulting from negligent care received while in ICE custody, according to a blog post by Hispanic activist group, Diversidad Sin Fronteras.

Polanco died at Riker’s Island in New York City on June 7 from complications of epilepsy, according to CNN. Attorney David B. Shanies said, “her family believes the decision to place her in punitive segregation, also known as solitary confinement, despite knowing she had epilepsy, contributed to her death.”

Walker was found dead on July 30 in Charlotte, N.C. in the aftermath of a house fire. Initially, Walker’s body was not discovered and wasn’t identified until a month after the fire. Police are now investigating the possibility of someone maliciously setting fire to the abandoned home and have reopened Walker’s case as a homicide investigation. The Charlotte Observer said friends and relatives attended a candlelight vigil to honor her memory.