Hello Trinity,
I am thinking of becoming a male sex worker. I’ve always wanted to try it! What do I do?
Sincerely, Adventuresome, Boston, MA

Hello Adventuresome,
The sex industry has its ups and downs. And, as it’s illegal, I can only give you these three hints: 1) When you’re with someone, find something, anything that you think is attractive about them and stay focused on that; 2) Be respectful and discreet of each situation; 3) Don’t do anything that will endanger your or their health. Also, honey, there’s a great book called “Hustling” by John Preston.
Good luck, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
I’ve been dating someone for about a month. He doesn’t know that I’m a virgin, and at 25 it’s unheard of for a gay man. He keeps pushing me to “do it,” but I don’t know exactly what to do? Help!
S.O.S.Virgin, Portland, ME

Hello S.O.S. Virgin,
“The Joy of Gay Sex” will definitely help! Lots of contraceptives and candles also make for a safe, intimate experience. Oh, yes, a glass or two of red wine before bed wouldn’t hurt either! Most importantly, sweetie, you’re 25, and it’s time to face your fears. Remember “F. E. A. R.” actually means, False Evidence Appearing Real. (My cartoon shows you about truth-telling.)
Kisses, Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
Not long ago I had a dream that I made love to another woman. It’s really been bothering me. Does this mean I’m a lesbian?
Lesbian Dreams, Harrisburg, PA

Dearest Lesbian Dreams,
When you dream about having a lesbian encounter, it might mean that you’re beginning to appreciate the beauty of other women, your own womanhood or perhaps a woman whom you have had issues with. On the other hand, maybe you are a lesbian and are now discovering this. No matter what, remember it’s safe to be you whoever you are. Oh, and, pumpkin, if you start dreaming about Birkenstocks, granola or fighting for equal rights, then you’re definitely beginning to reach a higher consciousness, a stronger awareness of yourself and maybe even a more athletic sensibility.
Go Girl, Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
Every time I want to stop dating this one guy, he keeps coming back. I don’t like him. I tried letting him down easily, but he doesn’t listen. Help?
Dumping Troubles, Cleveland, OH

Dear Dumping Troubles,
If you’ve been polite too many times and now need to excommunicate him with a burning flame, then try:

Trinity’s Quick Lines for Dumping Someone
1. “My lover whom I never mentioned before just returned from, a) war, b) the witness protection program or c) prison.”
2. “I just discovered that, a) I’m not gay, b) I’m gay or c) I’m not recovering well from the surgery!”
3. “I have to stop seeing you because, a) my friends hate you, b) my family hates you and/or c) I hate you!”
4. “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’re awful, a) in bed, b) during the day or c) whenever you speak!”
5. “Call me again sometime when you find out that it’s not all about, a) you, b) where you’ve been or c) where you’re going!”
6. “If I had to choose between dating you or a life in a Palestinian prison camp, with no human contact, then where do I buy my plane ticket!”
7. “After five dinners, four walks, three movies and two ice cream cones, just once it would’ve been nice if you asked me something about ME!”
8. “Before I’m seen in public with you again, you’ll have to stop habitually, a) spitting, b) swearing, or c) cruising everyone who walks by.”
9. “The three aspects of you that bother me the most are mental, physical and emotional!”
10. Lastly, “Sex is like snow. You never know how long it’s gonna last or how many inches you’re gonna get and, darling, there’s nothing worse than a two-minute, two-inch snow flurry!”

With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama performed globally, and is now minister of sponsor, WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, wigministries.org, Gay Spirituality for the Next Generation! Learn more at telltrinity.com. Send emails to: trinity@telltrinity.com.

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