You might dream of gifting or receiving that big, expensive gift that simply changes your or your giftee’s life forever. But, such wonderful pleasures can come in bite-sized happiness. Smaller gifts and cheaper gifts found in a crammed stocking over the fireplace on Christmas morning can be just as thrilling — for the one receiving and for you, as you see your loved one’s face light up with smiles early on a bright Christmas morning.

We scoured the interwebs for some unique stocking-stuffer gifts this year. For just a few dollars (and, in one quite enjoyable case, a little more) you can give your loved one a Christmas morning surprise to last a lifetime.


Golden Girls Lego Ladies
Yes, my dears, it’s true. You can relive all your “Golden Girls” passions with these unique, handcrafted Lego Ladies. The creator, selling through, has taken the world of “Golden Girls” and shrunk them down to size in the form of your favorite childhood toy. The four characters will make the perfect surprise stocking stuffer for any “Golden Girls” lover in your life. This gift is the most expensive on our list; we bet it’s worth the price, though. But, hurry! These handmade items sell out fast. $99.


Grow your tea
Think your tea lover needs more? Get them this nifty kit and let them grow their own tea. Just as unique as home-made craft brewing, your tea lover can take pride in serving their guests and loved ones tea made with heart and soul, from soil to teacup. Kit also contains coffee. Found on $22.


Drinking on the Yellow Submarine
Have a Beatles lover who also is a discerning tea connoisseur? Perfect match! Get them this cute tea infuser in the shape of a yellow submarine. We found the unique item on Head there and simply search for “Tea Sub.” $6-$18.



It’s gonna get cold outside! You’ve got your Yellow Submarine tea infuser, your grow-it-yourself tea and coffee kit. Stock up on some unique mugs. We found an assortment of unique mugs online, ranging from a Shakespearean insult mug (“Thou art a boil, a plague sore!”) to a Scrabble mug and a cookie warmer! Search around online or at your nearest, coolest gift shop and you’re bound to find more! Shakespeare, $12, Scrabble, $11.50, Cookie warmer, $18,


Personalized copper mugs
Traditionally used for serving the once-popular Moscow Mule cocktail, these personalized copper mugs can be used for any occasion. They’re timeless and classic. But, beware, keep them polished! $25-$30.


Old fashion cooking
Have a cook in the family? Give them some old fashion inspiration with 80 classic recipes from the 1950 edition of “Betty Crocker’s Picture Book.” $6-10.


Retro home ware
A designer had a good idea for turning old waste into new, useful items. If you’ve got a loved one who absolutely adores retro and classic music, then a set of these vinyl record coasters will add a bit of much-loved spice to their home. Designer Jeff Davis rescued actual vintage LPs, cut the center out complete with the original label. The coasters are protected by a clear coat, so drinks won’t destroy the labels. $18, $20,


Fit for a princess
So, maybe it’s a bit too big for a stocking stuffer, but it’s still a perfect gift for that lovely lady or “queen” on your list. The reversible polo features a crown on one side and flashy princess on the reverse! $49.


Conversation starters
Have a friend who likes hosting dinner parties or informal gatherings? Get them a few gifts that will keep unique and fun conversations going at their next get-together. These cute cards provide all sorts of conversation starters. The ‘60s set includes questions on topics like the Civil Rights Movement, groovy pop culture and more. A mini-travel-sized set includes questions that spark conversations while you’re on your getaway. A “Girls Night Out” version includes “girls only” questions, though we’re sure quite a few gay men could answer questions like “What was your strangest date ever?” and “What was the worst hairstyle you ever had?” All found on Other versions available as well. $10-$50.


Eco-friendly time-keeping
This cool clock requires no electrical outlet and no batteries. Instead, it runs on water! The clock extracts electrons from water molecules, providing a constant electric current without the wasteful byproduct of batteries or having to worry about finding the nearest outlet. Found via $11.

Tech to go

Have a loved one who’s constantly forgetting things? Help them out with this handy, ready-to-travel 8 gigabyte USB flash drive wristband. They’ll never forget those important files on their home computer ever again! $20.


Dog-loving organizing goodness
These cute dog-shaped desktop organizers are the perfect gift for your organizing, neat-freak friend or loved one. Let them indulge in their organizing happy goodness with a splash of fun and frivolity! $20.

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.