As now-former Mayor Patrick Cannon was running for his mayoral office last fall, qnotes sat down with both him and his Republican opponent Edwin Peacock. Our Q&As and full suite of election coverage then gave LGBT voters the opportunity to get to know the candidates.

But, in light of Cannon’s arrest yesterday for federal corruption and bribery charges, and his resulting resignation yesterday evening, some of the quips and quotes from Cannon’s initial Q&A with us could certainly be taken eerily out of context. And, we’re doing it for you.

Yes, perhaps it’s a bit unfair. But, cutting through red tape? Influencing government? Given the current allegations, these bits and pieces take on a hilarious life of their own.

Cutting through red tape:
“I saw people that were having to cut through a lot of red tape to realize a result and that’s something that I don’t subscribe to, red tape that is. Things should be a little more fluid without people having to jump through hurdles to realize an end result that is positive for them.”

Patrick Cannon
Patrick Cannon

Influencing government:
“I said you don’t know me from Adam, but if there’s anything I can do to go before a city council, a school board or the county commission, let me know because I’d like to help you further any cause you’d like to see coming to fruition.”

An ‘extra push’ for business:
“It goes beyond that example to even partnerships where the city may want to engage in something where monetary support is needed, but you probably need some extra push from the public sector in attracting a business to bring it into existence.”

Transit and economic development:
“I remain in support of an alternative mode of transit like that that I think can bring about an expansion in our tax base, create jobs and provide a level of retail and housing that’s needed. It makes good sense, I think, to always look to do something that’s going to have a ripple effect in terms of being able to use those other tax dollars on other infrastructure needs.”

Government and ‘public-private’ partnerships:
“Being an entrepreneur and small businessman myself, it means a great deal to me that we continue to be about supporting our small businesses and still engaging in public-private partnerships.”

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.