Happy holidaze, kiddies! And wish an old bytch a happy belated birthday, too. Yes, by the time you read this, Miss D. will be 29 (+ 13). Ha! And the old gyrl’s still got it, by golly. Still waiting on that order I placed with Santa about the Cuban swim team, but I ain’t mad at him!

We’ve certainly got more action than we had the last go ’round, thank goodness. If you get a chance, please check out my sister Tajma Hall’s myspace page to see her breathtaking U.S.ofA.
at Large promos — www.myspace.com/thelady

tajmahall. Sickening, I tell ya, just sickening. Tajma’s book is filling up fast, but I’m glad to report that Teresa over at Night Owls in Gastonia and Brian at Scorpio snagged her for a long weekend in early spring, so she’ll be through here to check out her old stomping grounds of UNC-C and Freedom Dr. Can’t wait!

Congrats are going out to Quindyn “Q” Campbell who recently won Miss NC Unlimited in Hickory at Club Cabaret. Her first runner-up was Sierra Nicole of Charlotte. Sierra just relinquished her title of Miss Castle at Large down in Greenvegas, S.C. — Atlanta’s P. Jazzmyn Darnell won. Congrats are also due Jasmine Brooks of Raleigh who just won Miss CC’s. Her RUs were Atlanta’s Tanisha Cassadine and VA’s Zakia Jemaceye. Another bar title that I hold near and dear would be that of Miss Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem, which Arissa Knight-Addams won. She won Presentation (which was goth) and Talent. I heard she really cut up. Her RUs were Tia Chanella (who won Gown and On-Stage) and Mykala Ray. Miss Congeniality went to Onyx Jade. That evening, Amaya celebrated her fifth-year anniversary as a former winner. And little ole, big ole me, Miss Della, was given an outstanding service award for my support of the pageant. Too bad I wasn’t on-hand to receive it, but pageant owner DJ Bonet shipped my plaque to me. How nice. And a first.

Victoria “Piggy” Parker has been as busy as a bee lately — she was just in NYC to take part (just across the bridge) in New Jersey’s film festival where “Pageant” was featured. She just learned she’ll be interviewed soon by The Advocate magazine as well. If that’s not enough, RuPaul’s “DragRace” will be airing Feb. 2. Check her and the other eight ladies out at logoonline.com. Just type in RuPaul and you’ll see pics and a small bio of each contestant. Victoria is now booked here locally at Scorpio the first Sunday of every month as our Miss NC America. Go see the ole gal, and take her a burger or some chocolate while you’re at it.

I recently had the chance to see a show at the Eagle early one Sunday night. Sierra Santana emceed and entertained along with up-and-comer favorite Starla DaVinci, Allura Foxx, Jessica Raynes and Carmendy (presenting her illusions of country recording artists Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton). Just about a week later, I made my first trip ever to The Hide-A-Way in Rock Thrill and took in a show there as well, thanks to friends Leslie and Ashley. Sierra Santana was emceeing again, but as her male counterpart. The show featured the likes of Victoria Fox, Jessica Raynes, Chloe Couture, Starla DaVinci, house diva (and former Miss Hide-A-Way) Mikaylah DuShot and drag king Howard Hung. In the audience I also spied a couple former Misses Hide-A-Way (out as “dudes,” but…). Angelica Bauer and Kristen Kennedy were in the house and the current Miss, Emery Starr, was present as well, supporting and helping out her sisters in show business.

If not before, I’ll see y’all at Miss Scorpio on Jan. 25 as the incredible (and incredibly talented) LaWanda Jackson relinquishes her title or at the End of the Year talent showcase, also at Scorpio. You know I try to make an appearance every year as I won this contest back in the Dark Ages (well, 1996, but…).

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