Spring’s greetings, bois and gyrls! Here we are yet again to chit-chat about crowns and gowns and such. One of my favorite subjects, as you may well know — pageants!

Speaking of, we’re off to a great start. Congrats are in order for Victoria Parker who recently won Miss NC FFI at Large in Hickory at Club Cabaret. There were nine contestants (thanks to the hard work of the out-going Sasha Chambers). Piggy won every category. Sweep, gal, sweep! Her 1st runner-up was Talia Cole (whom we all know and love as Linwood Dean, a former Mr. USA at Large) and 2nd RU was former Miss NC U.S.ofA. at Large, Paisley Parque.

Also that weekend, Farrah MacRae relinquished her Miss Classique title to DuWanna Moore. Next in line were Scarlett Daily and Petite de Jonville. Hats off to Farrah on a job well done. She still amazes me to this day. There are entertainers half her age who can’t serve it up like she can and she has just won two more titles — Miss SC U.S.ofA. and Miss Virginia Black Universe. Her RU at SC was Brandonna Dupree.

Speaking of old-school divas, the gorgeous and ever-so-sweet Maya “Money” Douglas was back at the Baton in Chicago in time for their 39th anniversary. I hear that “feesh” is playing her cards right (as always) and pulling in the coins. Her business acumen has always tickled me — ole girl is all about the Benjamins and she knows how to make ’em! After all, she is president of Maya Douglas Enterprises and has the platinum American Express to prove it. And, I thank you!

Since I’ve mentioned Miss Gay U.S.ofA. already, many more entertainers who have qualified include:
• Missouri — Miss Missouri Khrystal Leight
• Oklahoma — Miss Oklahoma Samantha West with RU Londenn Raine
• Arkansas — Lexy Ly DeMornet
• California — Delorian Chase with RU Alyssa Nicole Whitney
• Desert States — Model Galavant
• Illinois — Rochelle D’Leight; Indiana — Veronica Blake
• Kansas — McKenzie Carmichael and RU Tatianna
• Ohio — Akasha O’Hare Lordes
• Pennsylvania — Morgan Roy’el

Three more qualifiers for Miss U.S.ofA. Classic, the week before Miss U.S.ofA., include:
• Arkansas — Christina Saxon
• Missouri — Alexis Cambellis
• Miss North — Stephanie LaMour

Sounds like Classic is going to be one more contest.

On the EOY scene, Dee Ranged continues to wow audiences everywhere with her transformation (‘cause you know he’s a cute guy, right?) and amazing numbers. Recent prelim winners include former Miss Continental Dominique Chappelle, who won Derby City with RU Mirage Love, and Faleasha Savage who won Greater Minnesota.

Recent Miss Gay America prelim winners include Karyn Thomas, who won Delaware with RU Sierra Spaulding, and Tatiyana Voche’, who won Miss MD with RU Sue Nami (a cute Asian queen with an even cuter name). As you all know, Miss North Carolina was recently re-purchased by Scorpio owner Rick Wilds and I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do! The pageant is set for Aug. 23 and 24. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a big one. Formers, get your ducks in a row and let’s blow the lid off this one!
A big congrats to Nova Starr who recently won Miss Utah, a statewide pageant they have out there. Nova has been a finalist at Miss U.S.ofA. at Large before and is a good sister.

Locally, we have results from contests like Miss TransCarolina SC, held at Warehouse 250 in Florence, which Dorae Saunders won. Her RUs were ShaDiva and Michelle Simone Lace. That Dorae will go win a pageant now, I’m tryin’ to tell ya! I failed to mention some time ago a contest that was held in another part of SC — Miss Red Ribbon at Myrtle Beach, which Kristina Devine won; many apologies for the oversight, sis!

Our new Miss Spektrum is Cheetah Shaw. Her RUs were Dy’mond Cartier and Tia Chanella. Hats off to Arabia Knight-Addams who just won Miss NC International. She won Talent, Presentation and Gown. Her RUs were Lady Vanity and Cheetah Shaw, who tied in Sportswear with Arabia.

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