The listserv will provide a place for professional discussion and networking related to bi+ health. (Photo Credit: Monkey Business via Adobe Stock)

Bisexual Health Awareness Month has been promoted by organizations such as Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the Bisexual Resource Center and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).  GLMA (formerly Gay and Lesbian Medical Associates, now Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality but retaining their former acronym), rounded off the month of March by announcing the GLMA Bi+ Health Professional Network listserv. This electronic mailing list will serve to strengthen connections between the LGBTQ community and current or aspiring healthcare professionals.

Potential participants of the listserv may be students or trainees, as well as researchers within the mental health or medical field who identify as bisexual. GLMA has clarified that these professionals may also be pansexual, panromantic, queer, fluid or sexualities that are similar to bisexual in terms of multigender attraction. For this reason, the listserv signup sheet emphasizes that applicants must be supportive of the LGBTQ community and experienced in treatment of patients who do not identify as cisgender-heterosexual.

The idea for this listerv came about during the 38th GLMA Annual Conference Bisexual Health Professional Networking Session. GLMA has released a statement confirming there will be future opportunities for transgender healthcare professionals as well as other LGBTQ identified persons. Interdisciplinary conversation by those of all races and all sexualities can be seen in the mission statement of GLMA as well as their Bi+ Health Professional Network announcement. For those seeking to join the listserv go to

The upcoming GLMA Annual Conference is titled “Closing the Gaps” and will take place Sept. 22-25. The focus will be on ways to improve healthcare for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) LGBTQ persons; especially transgender, two-spirit and all other gender diverse individuals. For queries regarding the conference, direct emails to

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