…Hanukkah is the festival of lights. Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights.

— Adam Sandler

And, that’s not the only difference between our gift-giving ways and those of our Christian neighbors. Not only do we have eight nights on which we could give presents, but no single one of those nights is designated as “the night” for bestowing Hanukkah gifts.

Then, too, there’s no particularly firm custom governing who should be given a gift: that is, a visitor who comes to your house on only one of the eight nights might bring a gift to be shared by the children, plus individual gifts for the adults or perhaps a single lovely gift for the entire family to share — whereas Christians seem committed to having a designated gift under the Christmas tree for every person in the house.

In any case, everybody celebrating either of these lovely winter holidays can agree that a gift is always welcome, and Jews especially, that a Hanukkah gift makes the holiday of lights even brighter. Whatever your particular need — whether you’re looking for one gift or many, here are some Hanukkah gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift solution with a minimum of effort:

Gifts for the entire family: An embroidered wall hanging, music or movies on DVD, a mezuzah, a menorah, a shofar, a Torah pointer.

Gifts for men: A tallit, tefilin, an Israeli T-shirt (with message), kipa.

Gifts for women: Jewelry, Dead Sea cosmetics, head coverings like scarfs, berets or caps.

Gifts for children: A dreidel (of course), reading books with Hanukkah stories, candy, coloring books. : :

— by Matthew Greenfeld. Greenfeld is the owner judaicagiftsonline.com, an online store offering traditional Jewish ware, Hanukkah gifts and more.