Dear Trinity,
I broke up with my ex-boyfriend almost two years ago. Now he wants to get back together, but it’s always just to see if the relationship will rework. Should I give him another chance?
One More Go, Utica, NY

Dear OMG,
If you have a chance to make a bad thing worse, then run, but if you have a chance to make a bad thing better, then yes. Taking chances is what life’s all about! However, baby, don’t move in together right away and don’t harp on past things. This is about a new start, not an old fight! This time, insist on outside counseling, on talking through everything and insist on taking your time. Remember, a good man is hard to find, but a bad relationship is easy!

Hello Trinity,
I broke up with my girlfriend only to come home one day to find that she moved out and took everything. I loved her, but now I hate her. I’m in court to get my stuff back, but, Trinity, why do relationships always have to end so cruelly?
Love Hurts, Phoenix, AZ

Hello Love Hurts,
Sometimes a lover thinks he or she deserves it all, needs to make you pay for it all or is just a down right crook and steals it all. It happens on “Court TV” all the time. So, try to get your things back, try to get some peace of mind and, honey, try to accept that sometimes love gives and sometimes it takes away! (My cartoon shares some insights into being taken!)

Dearest Trinity,
I’m a 42-year-old guy dating a 27-year-old guy. I always want to pay for dinner, but I’m afraid he’ll think because I’m older this is how it should always be. How do I not create a pattern?
Setting Young Patterns, Minneapolis, MN

Dearest Patterns,
The fact is, when two people meet, immediately patterns begin to form depending upon who’s cuter, older, pushier or more addictive. It’s human nature. Now, sweetie, if one is older and/or financially better off then why not pay? After the third date, (at a cheaper diner) hopefully, he’ll say, “I’ll get this one.” By gently supporting him in picking a cheap place and paying now and then you’ll create a healthier balance. In my book older and/or wealthier men should pay for (much) younger men, it’s natures way of keeping everyone well fed.

Hey Trinity,
I’m gay, bearded and I have a belly. How do I know if that makes me a “bear?”
Bearly Sure, Atlanta, GA

Hey Bearly Sure,
There are many ways to know if you’re a bear. So, to start you off on the right paw, here’s:

Trinity’s Hairy Tips For Knowing If (YAB) You’re A Bear (gay-bearded-hefty-man)
1. If you have a hairy face, chest, butt and/or back (YAB).
2. If you have a girth, a belly or if you look like a childbearing man, then (YAB).
3. If you and all your friends look like the wrestler Bill Goldberg or variations of a cute Santa Clause (YAB) and should email me soon!
4. If you have a thick goatee, a sculptured beard or a full beard, then (YAB).
5. If you hang out in gay bars called The Jackhammer, The Stud or The Thump, then (YAB)!
6. If most of your shirts have some sort of reference to bears, bear paws or hibernation, then guess what?
7. If most of your other clothes consist of leather, Western or Army wear, then guess what again?
8. If you use the word “woof” or “grrrr” at least once a day, then (YAB).
9. If you’re “big-boned” and gay and haven’t dieted in y-e-a-r-s, then (YAB).
10. And, lastly, if you shave your entire face, but still feel like a hairy, 200 pound plus girl then (YAB)! : :

— With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity was host of “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama, and now performs globally.

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