Dearest Trinity,
It seems like I so easily get bored which eventually puts me into a depression. How do I fight it?
Bored, Albany, NY

Dearest Bored,
People who keep busy with projects, hobbies, work or keep an active social calendar rarely get bored, ask any workaholic, athlete or socialite. Boredom is the “lack of activities you create in your life, not life itself.” Start building an active daily calendar, i.e., think theater and events, volunteering, joining a gym and/or creating your own events to keep you busy. Remember, pumpkin, boredom leads to depression, activities lead to happiness!

Hello Trinity,
I’m about to get married, but I keep thinking, “What if I end up divorced, left alone or losing everything?” Is it normal to think about divorce when one is about to get married?
Divorce Doubts, Jacksonville, FL

tt_442_100915Hello Divorce Doubts,
Almost every couple waiting in that long, marriage certificate line at city hall has flashes of divorce. It happens to me every time. Thinking about divorce before getting married is healthy and even healthier if you put something down in writing, like a prenuptial. You can always borrow my line, “If you love me you’ll make sure I’m taken care of emotionally and financially. (Hey, my cartoon sure will show you how my thinking on this subject plays out in my head.)

Dear Trinity,
A few months ago I started dating a great guy, but recently he got sick and is now dying. With hospital stays and home visits, it’s becoming very hard to keep up the relationship. Would I be evil to stop dating him?
It’s All Changed, Montreal, QC

Dear Changed,
The most difficult challenges in life often prove to be the most transformational. Thus, you have two choices, a) continue dating and truly learn about love and compassion or b) stop dating and ruin someone’s last few months on earth. Oh, or c) keep dating, but have a separate, quiet (maybe even romantic) life on the side until he passes. Sweetie, if you choose c), I’m sure you’ll learn that being a good caretaker also means taking care of your needs as well!

Hey Trinity,
When it comes to being seductive, I fall flat. I just don’t know how to be flirty. Help?
Falling Flat, Chicago, IL

Hey Falling Flat,
Seduction takes practice, patience and persistence not pushiness. Also, darling, try reading:

Trinity’s Sassy Tips For Being Seductive
1. Clothing: Showing your assets, hiding your flaws and visiting your local leather shop have made coming home after work some people’s greatest pleasure!
2. Packaging: When pageant contestants want to seduce judges they have their teeth whitened, dress tightened, hair styled, body smelling great and exude charm. Get the picture?
3. Exercise: You don’t have to be muscular or shapely to seduce everyone, but to seduce someone you may want to exercise along these lines!
4. Women: If you’re a good listener, easy to talk to, like to go with the flow and appreciate adventure, the night could go on forever.
5. Men: Charm, sensitivity, kindness and attentiveness are your built-in seducing mechanisms. Use it, don’t abuse it!
6. Home: An unmade bed, dishes in the sink and a dirty bathroom seduces zoo animals. Humans just get discussed whether they say something or not! If you can’t clean, hire someone!
7. Glasses: It’s hard to give great eye contact or kiss someone’s face passionately with glasses on. Need I say more?
8. Study: Watch how other people dress, act and move when they are being seductive, then steal everything you think would work for you!
9. Attitude: Thinking like a seducer or seductress will get you further faster than thinking that you’re a boring, unattractive dish spunge!
10. Lastly, Self Esteem: Seduction is about feeling good, being charismatic and calm, rolling with the punches and having fun! It’s about adventure, not about fear or avoiding mistakes. Now get out there and live.

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