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Augusta is Georgia’s second largest city, and the strength of Augusta Pride and our entire LGBT community has not gone unnoticed. This year, Georgia Equality ­— our statewide organization that works to advance fairness, safety, and opportunity for LGBT Georgians —­ named Augusta Pride as the 2014 recipient of its Phillip Rush Community Builder Award. This award is given each year to recognize work that brings diverse communities together in support of LGBT issues. Augusta Pride was chosen as this year’s recipient to recognize its excellent work within the LGBT pride movement and its continued leadership to move Augusta­-Richmond County officials to implement equality policies to benefit the LGBT citizens of Augusta. Georgia Equality will present this award to Augusta Pride at the President’s Soirée, the elegant opening event of Augusta Pride 2014 on the evening of June 26.

Georgia Equality’s embrace of Augusta does not stop there! Beginning this year, the Georgia Equality Boards of Directors for both the nonprofit and political organizations welcome two new board members from the Augusta area. This important step provides Augusta area with a strong voice both statewide and in Atlanta, and furthers Georgia Equality’s goal of fighting for all of the residents of our great state.

Moving forward together, Augusta Pride and Georgia Equality will work on behalf of all LGBT Georgians and their allies to fulfill the American promise of equality. Please join us in thanking Georgia Equality and celebrating our festival’s 5th anniversary in Augusta, June 26-28.

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