Recently, I got a letter, which said,

Dear Trinity,
I have a 27-year-old son who is gay and I love him very much. He now wants to have his gender changed. This is something I am having an awful time dealing with. I feel you’d understand this situation somewhat better than me.
Yours truly, Son Troubles, Baltimore, MD

I asked you, my readers to help me answer this question and this is what you said. At the end of each letter I will give my answers.

Dear Trinity,
Trans-sexuality is something that should not be discussed in a free publication. There are special magazines that deal with these social outcasts. I’m sorry for this man and his troubles, but if you’re going to have an advice column, then print things that are socially conscious, not sexually deviant.
Concerned Citizen, Kansas City, MO

Dear Concerned Citizen,
Social outcasts? Sexual deviants? Let me remind you, darling, about the Native American tribes where transgender people, Two Spirits and Brave Hearts were revered as the highest of spiritual teachers and leaders keeping the culture and rituals alive, raising the children, taking care of the men during battles, and often acting as the diplomats between warring tribes. So next time you want to stop free speech and free expression, then go to a book burning ceremony rather than to “Tell Trinity.”
In love not fear, Trinity

Hello Son Troubles,
I’m a transgender entertainer in my 20s, who is transitioning. My family still has difficulties with my lifestyle. Anyone who has interest in changing their biological gender has to come to that decision on their own. Parents should love and support their children. One can only decide what path to take in life by one’s self. But having support from loved ones lights the way when it is dark.
Unsigned, Dallas, TX

Hello Unsigned,
Love and support, especially from parents, are pinnacle in every situation. It does light the way in the darkness. Unfortunately, when the child is going against everything the parent is taught it’s unbelievably hard for a parent. But, pumpkin, isn’t life a lesson in unconditional love? (Check out my cartoon for how things out to be.)
Love you, Trinity

Dearest Son Troubles,
In the end, as a parent you must love and stand by your son no matter what. So, get support for him and yourself. PFLAG is in every major city. They have supported trans people and their families for many years and have excellent materials, which are available through the Internet. Just type in “PFLAG” or call them for support.
Good luck, Concerned Parent, Boston, MA

Dearest Concerned Parent,
PFLAG is a great organization. Moreover, love your son until it alters your entire perception of everything you know. Honey, we must allow our children, as best we can, to expand our understanding, not use our children to prove ourselves right.
Love conquers all, Trinity

Dear Son Troubles
I’m a Christian who empathizes with your problem. If he were my son, I’d put him into therapy and take him away from his environment. Furthermore, the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and cross-dressing remains unmistakable. All sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a sin. However, those who acknowledge their sin can find forgiveness through our Lord.
Sincerely, Empathize, Louisville, KY

Dear Empathize,
I always give thanks for the plethora of cultural diversity that lives in our land. And yes, I do agree, anyone who wants to undertake a major life change should absolutely seek counseling, whether it be marriage, work, or dealing with religious zealots. But, sweetie, while the Bible definitely has been an interpretive piece of work for millenniums, it’s definitely not clear on homosexuality and does not mention transsexuality anywhere. If you send me a copy of the passage that mentions “transsexuality,” I will march down the center of the highway singing “Proud Mary Keeps On Burning.”
Yours, Trinity

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