On March 12, talented Italian television show designer and director Giuseppe Storellie will premiere his brave, steamy new gay-themed web series “GayXample.”

According to the website, “GayXample” (pronounced GAY-SHAM-PLEH) is “a reflection of our daily lives, showing scenes of the gay, lesbian and transgender world from a homosexual perspective, with all its joys and sorrows…to offer the audience something which comes straight from our own experiences as gay men and lesbians and which isn’t distorted by homophobic society.”

Finding expressions of gay stories from a gay perspective – as opposed to a heterosexual or stereotype-based perspective – is a rarity to say the least. The direct lens creates a uniquely sensitive experience, emotionally involving audiences from the start. Drawing story ideas from real homosexual experience and utilizing a wide variety of realistic characters combine to result in a truly relatable experience – LGBT and straight audiences alike will be able to see themselves and their own stories intertwined in the drama-filled narratives.

Filmed in the gorgeous city of Barcelona, “GayXample” follows some incredibly vivacious characters as they navigate the many ups and downs of their passionate lives. The ten episode series is set to broadcast over the web with its premiere episode “The Homophobic Nephew”. Producers are taking advantage of webcasting in an attempt to reach more people, save on costs, and escape the censorship wrapped up with television productions. This is sure to be a beautifully moving and raw new series – don’t miss out!

Interested in learning more about the director and series? Check out the GayXample interview with Giuseppe Storelli.

To tune in to the exciting upcoming premiere, simply visit gayxample.net/

Photo Credit: gayxample.net/IdeaTik.

Leah Cagle

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