Peter Boykin
Gays For Trump leader Peter Boykin speaks at a March4Trump rally in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A March4Trump rally in Washington, D.C. organized by Peter Boykin, the head of the North Carolina group Gays For Trump, turned out around 100 supporters of the president, the Washington Blade reports

Boykin, who recently announced he will run for the North Carolina House in District 58, spoke from the stage yesterday, on the National Mall, along with several others from the crowd. There were no featured speakers and the event was run as an “open mic.” 

“Donald Trump has delivered for us every single day,” Boykin said. 

“And you can see here our president has drained the swamp in Washington as he has promised,” Boykin added, pointing to the empty Reflecting Pool, which has been drained for winter. 

Boykin’s husband, Tavaris ‘David’ Smith, also spoke, in a Make America Great Again hat with the Human Rights Campaign’s equal sign logo affixed to it. 

“I was raised in a Democratic family,” Smith told the audience. “I’m a Republican. I voted for Trump. I’m on the American team and I’m gay. God bless America. God bless Trump.”

The march itself saw 25 people make the trek to the White House.

Boykin blamed the weather for the small turnout.

“A lot of people stayed home and organized local Trump rallies,” Boykin said. “For every one person here there are 1,000 Trump supporters who could not be here today.”

This is the second March4Trump he has organized. 

The Trump administration has taken a number of actions harming the LGBTQ community, including ending transgender student protections in the use of facilities, refusing to hear such complaints, trying to keep trans people out of the military, firing the HIV/AIDS advisory council, backing religious freedom complaints to give a license to discriminate, and removing members of the community from federal surveys. 

Boykin has taken to Twitter to hit back at critics of the march, as well as asking why Fox didn’t cover the event.

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