This Saturday, before the Gaga Queen herself appears, Semi Precious Weapons will rock the stage. Led by vocalist Justin Tranter (bisexual, though he of course doesn’t like labels), the New York-based glam rock group is a favorite of Gaga’s, dating back to before her incredible rise to fame. So historically-related are they that it used to be Lady Gaga doing the opening show for SPW in New York.

Be warned that Semi Precious Weapons isn’t exactly what you would expect musically for Lady Gaga’s opener, but you should still be happily entertained. Whereas Gaga is the epitome of today’s pop and SPW is purely rock, the glam band is proud to use its own spin of Gaga’s trademark: exaggerated and outrageous imagery (though I don’t know if anyone can beat Gaga’s dress made of dead animals).

Their second album, You Love You was released earlier this year in June. Check out the music video of the eponymous “Semi Precious Weapons.”

Tyler DeVere

Tyler DeVere is a former editorial intern for QNotes.