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Charlotte, N.C.’s own Funky Geezer has something to say to N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory, “Since your nose is in my business, you know, could you give me a little wipe? Down there?”

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Funky Geezer, who many will recognize from his appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” recently uploaded his song “Governor Pat McCrory is the Groin Police” in response to North Carolina passing the anti-LGBT and anti-worker HB2, which allows for the discrimination of LGBT individuals in places of business, as well as prohibiting transgender individuals from using the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity. McCrory signed the bill into law shortly after its passage in both the Senate and the House.

Funk Geezer sings:

Pat McCrory don’t get no glory for telling me where to poop

Stop trying to be the groin police, stay out of our bathroom

All we want are homes and roads, schools and sometimes food

So Pat McCrory don’t get no glory for telling us where to poop


Learn more about the man behind the song:

The Funky Geezer from Charlotte ViewPoint on Vimeo.

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